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62 The bad guys look at

62 The bad guys look at Gray Wolf. They down a couple of drinks and wait for him to speak. Gray Wolf breaks the silence knowing his cohorts would not understand, "I saw Emera Softwind put a curse on the Stableboy and send him to the other world." The bad guys look at each other. The small bad guy speculates, "Udder world? He kill 'em and sent 'em down der?" he points down. With a smug look, Gray Wolf responds, "You've heard of Earth, the other world, haven't you?" The bad guys shake their heads yes, but shrug their shoulders in disbelief looking at each other. Finally, the small bad guy says, "Yeah. But, them's jest stories. There ain't no setch place. There ain't, ere they?" Gray Wolf assures them, "Yes, there is, and we'll be going there to get the treasure." "We'll be going there?" the 'in-charge' bad guy asks, "How do we get to this here other world place?" "Black Elk is bringing a medicine man that will send us there." An hour later Gray Wolf and the Bad Guys, quite liquored-up, are still sitting at the table as Black Elk comes into the cabin carrying a colorful bow and pulling an old Indian man whose hands are tied up. He pushes him to the corner, "Sit there," as he stands the bow against the wall next to the door jamb. "Who's the Injun?" asks the 'in-charge' bad guy. "He's Running Bear, the medicine man. He has the power to get us to the other world."

63 "How old's he? Dun't look like he can do no medsin man magic," snickers the small bad guy. Black Elk assures the men, "I told him I'd hurt his granddaughter if he didn't get us there. Untie him and bring him here to me." The 'in-charge' bad guy motions. Two bad guys get up, grab the old Indian, untie him, pull him to the table and push him down on a chair. Gray Wolf looks unemotionally at Running Bear, "We are ready to go to the other world." Running Bear shakes his head no. "Remember what I said?" Running Bear pleads, "Hiya oyazove mitakoja ki." "What's he sayin'?" asks the small bad guy. "He said not to hurt his grandchild." Nicholas Gray Wolf responds as he looks at Running Bear, "Hiya oyazove ... you do wikasa ... magic." Running Bear stares puzzled as Gray Wolf draws imaginary circles around himself and the bad guys; then he points away to the sky. "Makoce ... ha ... ha makoce," calls out Running Bear. The small bad guy stands, "He's laughin' at us. I'll ---" "Ha means yes, makoce is earth," assures Gray Wolf. Running Bear points to the colorful bow propped up against the wall. Gray Wolf grabs the bow and hands it to him. Running Bear stands and raises the bow toward the ceiling. He begins performing a ceremonial Indian dance as he sings out unintelligible Lakota words while raising the bow. Suddenly, a mini twister forms around Gray Wolf

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