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34 "Things got mixed up.

34 "Things got mixed up. Theia has developed one hundred years slower than Earth and Nous switched the books' locations on purpose so they would not fall into the wrong hands. The Tome of Legends can only be interpreted by our counterparts on Planet Theia, and the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes can only be read by second generation males in our family." "You and me ... not dad." "Until you and Xandr learn, it's just me and Xandr's grandfather Emera." "Who is Nous, and how can we read the Tome of Legends if it's on the other planet?" Phir Qi purposely avoids the question about Nous answering, "The Sacred Oglala Crest has a stone in its center that was touched by a Sacred Calf Pipe and given special powers by a Lakota Medicine Man who was Nous' Apprentice. There are inscriptions on the Crest that can only be deciphered using a Magical Transfer Ring. When it is decoded it will become a Magnifying Cipher Glass, which is the secret key to read the Tome of Legends." "What about the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes? How is it read?" "The Crest's counterpart is the Cosmic Eye Medallion and is the key to read the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes." "Medallion? Where is it and when do I learn to use it?" "Trust me Sūnzi. You will learn soon enough." * * * * * * * We return our sights to the Stellar Monitor. On Planet Theia, we hear Emera, "Trust me Tȟakóža." * * * * * * *

35 We look back to Earth and understand that human intelligence was not transferred from Dimitri Talbot to the Raven during the curse, which requires the Raven to call upon Dimitri for advice. The Raven is sitting on a rock by the pool in the cave where he has hidden the Crest, "Where are you," he calls out to the pool? An image of Dimitri appears in the pond and speaks, "Have you found the Tome of Legends?" "It's somewhere in the house. I saw the boy carrying a silver box go through an invisible opening in the wall with his grandfather." "Invisible opening? What do you mean?" "The grandfather waved his hands and shouted some strange words. They sort of disappeared after they went through the wall and ---" Dimitri's image in the pool interrupts, "Chinese." "Chinese?" the Raven squawks, "Chinese ... Chinese." "Did you see anything?" "No, nothing." "You've got to find a way through the wall. The Tome of Legends must be there." * * * * * * * Anza and his cousins are walking and jumping as they move along the Path of Knowledge. The Raccoons appear mimicking them. Anza shouts, "What are you raccoons doing here?" Metoo responds, "Hi. I'm Metoo, he's Notso." "Oh-hh, I think that I'm going crazy."

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