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computers available to

computers available to the instructor and student. Often older simulations or the very newest will not play on some machines. Availability: Simulations are available commercially through retail outlets and on the Internet. Retail outlets must be found locally. A producer of paper simulations on the internet is Decision Games and an example of a computer based producer is HPS. These are provided as examples only and do not constitute endorsement of either company or their products. Instructors should thoroughly research any company they want to purchase simulations from and check with their local contracting officials for the proper procedure to procure them. C-2

APPENDIX D STUDENT HANDOUTS (See MS Word and Adobe Acrobat Documents …) Index of Appendix D Appendix Page D 1 Book Review and Analysis Study Guide. D-2 D 2 R. Cody Phillips, CMH Pub 70-51 The Guide to U.S. Army Museums, Wash., D.C. 1992, D-5 2005 D-1

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