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Course Requirements:

Course Requirements: ATTENDANCE/ PARTICIPATION PTS ASSIGNMENT SUBMIT WHERE % D2L Profile update and NA Update profile add picture on D2L D2L NA Picture Weekly class attendance 50 Sign-in Roster or online via WEBEX Class 5% Monthly Diagnostic and 50 You will be required to take a diagnostic APFT at the beginning of the fall S1 5% Record PT performance semester and a for-record APFT at the end of the semester. The higher of the two APFTs will be used for 5% of your final grade. SUBTOTAL 100 10% SUBMIT % LEADERSHIP PTS ASSIGNMENT WHERE Leadership Lab 25 As members of cadet staff plan/execute/participate in leadership labs In Lab 2.5% Mentoring 50 Effectively lead mentoring initiative/mentor battle groups regularly In Class 5.0% Staff Calls 50 As members of cadet staff plan/execute staff calls In Class 2.5% Class Leadership 75 Leadership Evaluation of performance in assigned position In Class 7.5% SUBTOTAL: 200 20% PRESENTATIONS/ SUBMIT % BRIEFINGS PTS ASSIGNMENT WHERE Briefing #1: World events 25 3-5 minute brief on current world event affecting National Security. PPT, 3x5 In Class 2.5% cards acceptable only Briefing #2: Mentoring 50 3-5 minute briefing on mentoring progress/experience with your Battle Group. In Class 5.0% PPT and 3x5 cards acceptable only Briefing #3: Strengths & 75 3-5 minute briefing on your personal assessment of your leadership strengths and In Class 7.5% Weaknesses areas/plan for improvement. PPT and 3x5 cards acceptable only. Briefing #4: Financial 50 3-5 minute briefing on the importance of budgeting, your creation of a monthly 5.0% Planning budget, and your financial plan upon graduation and commission Fall FTX Support Brief 10 Support plan for Fall UWM Fall FTX Staff Call 1.0% Dining In Brief 20 Coordinated Staff Brief (OPORD) Staff Call 2.0% VBS2 20 Coordinated staff brief (OPORD) Staff Call 2.0% Spring Battalion FTX Mission Analysis and WARNORD Brief 25 You will conduct an MDMP and develop a Mission Analysis Brief for Spring BFTX. You will publish an initial WARNORD of your product. You will be graded on your contribution. Staff Call 2.5% SUBTOTAL: 275 27.5% DISCUSSIONS/ SUBMIT % PAPERS & PROJECTS PTS ASSIGNMENT WHERE Graded Discussion #1 25 Online post and discussion on Mission Command and the Battle of Ia Drang D2L 2.5% Graded Discussion #2 30 Online post and discussion regarding a Mission Command Case Study D2L 3.0% Graded Discussion #3 35 Online post and discussion regarding the Officer as Moral Exemplar 3.5% OER Support Form 15 You will write and submit an OER Support Form as a Junior Officer D2L 1.5% NCOER 15 You will write and critique an NCOER for an enlisted SM D2L 1.5% Leadership Journals 60 You will submit 4 excerpts from your personal leadership journal (#1: D2L 6% Expectation, #2: Challenge, #3: Experience, #4: A Success) Individual Leadership 45 You will draft a personal Leadership Development Plan for use/application D2L 4.5% Development Plan (IDP) during the academic school year and beyond to set goals, track and manage your progress/success. SUBTOTAL: 225 22.5% SUBMIT % FINAL TERM PROJECT PTS ASSIGNMENT Individual Project: Personal Digital Story 100 This will be your final project and done individually – you will design and create a short 3-5 minute Digital Story of your leadership journey and experiences as a student in ROTC and UWW. This product must be of high quality as it will be hosted on our website and Facebook page. Leadership Essay 100 You will write a 5-7 page term paper on Leadership. This will consist of identifying a book, resource, personal development tool, etc. and evaluating it in the context of your own leadership growth and development. WHERE D2L 10% D2L 10% SUBTOTAL: 200 20% TOTAL POINTS 1000 100% MS410 Adaptive Leadership, Fall 2014 Syllabus Page 9 of 10

FURTHER READING (NOT EXHAUSTIVE): Bennis, W. G., & Nanus, B. (1985). Leaders: The strategies for taking charge. New York: Harper & Row Publishers. Bennis, W. G. (2003). On becoming a leader. New York: Basic Books. Bennis, W. G., & Thomas, R. J. (2002). Geeks & Geezers: How era, values, and defining moments shape leaders. Boston: Harvard Business School Press. Burns, J. M. (1978). Leadership. New York: Harper & Row Publishers. Gardner, J. W. (1990). On leadership. New York: The Free Press. Kotter, J. P. (1996). Leading change. Boston: Harvard Business School Press. Maxwell, John. (2011). The Five Levels of Leadership: Proven Steps to Maximize your Potential. New York: Center Street. Wong, L. (2004). Developing adaptive leaders: The crucible experience of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Carlisle Barracks, PA: Strategic Studies Institute. Wong, L. (2002). Stifling innovation: Developing tomorrow’s leaders today. Carlisle Barracks, PA: Strategic Studies Institute. ABSENCE FOR UNIVERSITY SPONSORED EVENTS: University policy states that students will not be academically penalized for missing class in order to participate in university sanctioned events. Activity sponsors are responsible for obtaining the Provost's prior approval of an event as being university sanctioned and for providing an official list of participants. Students are responsible for notifying their instructors in advance of their participation in such events. More information can be found in the Bulletin and the Student Handbook. The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is dedicated to a safe, supportive and nondiscriminatory learning environment. It is the responsibility of all undergraduate and graduate students to familiarize themselves with University policies regarding Special accommodations, Misconduct, Religious Beliefs Accommodation, Discrimination and Absence for University Sponsored Events. (For details please refer to the Undergraduate and Graduate Timetables; the "Rights and Responsibilities" section of the Undergraduate Bulletin; the Academic Requirements and Policies and the Facilities and Services sections of the Graduate Bulletin; and the "Student Academic Disciplinary Procedures" [UWS Chapter 14]; and the "Student Nonacademic Disciplinary Procedures" [UWS Chapter 17]). MS410 Adaptive Leadership, Fall 2014 Syllabus Page 10 of 10

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