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DA Pam 640-1 Officers

DA Pam 640-1 Officers Guide to the Officer Record Brief Acronyms: ADP - Army Doctrine Publications, ATTP - Army Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures, ATP - Army Techniques Publications, ADRP - Army Doctrine Reference Publications, FM - Field Manual ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS: Class Participation, Attendance, and APFT (10%): Class participation (to include in-class, online group discussions, PT, staff call, course attendance and interaction, leadership lab, and all other assigned activities) will account for 10% of your overall grade. Students are expected to participate actively in learning through critical reflection, inquiry, dialogue, and group interactions. This includes participating in class discussion, sharing personal perspectives and experiences related to principles discussed in class or reading, and working with fellow students to engage in class exercises. Attendance at all class meetings is mandatory. Absences are considered excused when they are due to circumstances beyond your control. Contact the instructor prior to being absent to be excused from class. Unexcused absences will result in the loss of 10 points per absence and a point penalty on any work that was due that class period. A number of activities will be conducted outside of normal class sessions. Attendance is mandatory and graded. APRT – All Contracted Cadets are required to participate in all SROTC activities as stated in their contract. Students auditing this class or not yet contracted are encouraged but not required to participate in SROTC activities outside of the classroom. As a future officer, you are expected to maintain solid physical readiness according to Army regulations. Your participation and performance in PT will count toward your final grade. Leadership (20%): MSL410 is the first of two ROTC capstone leadership courses, and as such, cadet leadership will be evaluated extensively. You will be evaluated on your teamwork and successful planning, organization, coordination and effectiveness of Staff Calls, Leadership Labs, Mentoring of your assigned Battle Group mentees, applying the MDMP process, and your overall leadership performance. An objective assessment of your performance in your assigned duty position will be made at the end of the semester. Presentations & Briefings (27.5%): Throughout this course students will give and be evaluated on a number of presentations and briefings both individually and in a group. These will include Coordinated Staff OPORD briefs for weekly Leadership Labs, a Fall FTX and Ranger Challenge, planning a VBS2 Exercise, a Dining In Exercise, and Fall Commencement. You will also be required to conduct several briefings on a variety of topics designed to assess your basic understanding of a variety of course related subjects, and your ability to stand and deliver presentations. As future Army leaders, students are expected to continually improve both their written and oral presentation skills with research and rehearsal in areas such as: - Voice inflection (can you be heard; do you project confidence) - Body Language (are you doing something distracting; are you animated) - Organization (basic organization, logical flow, supported by facts) Papers/Projects (22.5%): There are several different writing assignments in this course, as well as several group projects. These assignments are designed to challenge you to reflect on your experience and growth as a leader and learner. You will learn to apply the Army Writing Style, and the art of oral and written counseling by submitting both an OER and NCOER based on a case study. You will write an Individual Leadership Development Program which outlines your plan to develop and challenge yourself as a newly Commissioned Officer. Finally, you will be required to keep a Leadership Journal for the duration of the semester and submit four posts from your journal for review. Quizzes & Exams (NA): There will be several low-stakes, ungraded surveys, checks-on learning, and pop quizzes randomly exercised during the semester to assess your comprehension of course material. MS410 Adaptive Leadership, Fall 2014 Syllabus Page 7 of 10

Final Term Projects (10%): There will be two individual term projects for this course. You will submit a Leadership essay on your overall growth as a leader based on research and selection of a primary leadership resource. The second Project will consist of a Group Digital Story, designed and created individually to tell your story and your journey as a student, leader and participant in Army ROTC. The final product will be posted on our department website and Facebook page. Detailed requirements for both projects will be provided via D2L. GRADING SCALE: 100 -93% A, 92-90% A- 89-87% B+, 86-83% B, 82-80% B- 79-77% C+, 76-73% C, 72-70% C- 69-67% D+, 67-73% D, 62-60% D- 59% and below Failing 1000 total points are possible. Grading is based on absolute points, no curve will be used. The class grading criteria and sequence of instruction are subject to change. All changes will be communicated and will not disadvantage any students. MS410 Adaptive Leadership, Fall 2014 Syllabus Page 8 of 10

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