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HOSPITAL at best.n Tuberculosis is still extremely serious, but not necessarily fatalthanks to early diagnosis, hospital treatment, surgical advances, and new drugs. Yet the p.oblems created by TB are still enormous for the patient who recovers—vocational, social, emotional, and economic problems. For exai.nple, recovery almost always means a prolonged absence from DOth job and family. Since 1907 your Christmas Seal dollars have helped fight tuberculosis on all fronts, from research to rehabilitation. That great emphasis is now on rehabilitation is both proof of wonderful progress in lives saved . . . and need of your continued help. Send your contribution today, please. buy Christmas Seals! Because of the importance of this message, space contributed by BOXOFFICE BOXOFFICE :: December 20, 19

1 I ', ! unit ' BOSTON— I I ment I Ass'n i I 1 Julian I "This IE OF NEW ENGLAND CHARGES PRICE-FIXING; TO GET FACTS ) I ( i Annual Convention Votes Full Support to Allied National Policies Iiiclepi'iidenl Exhibitors, Inc.. o( New England, mooting here wcok, adopted two rosolutlons—one supporting the statoof policy laid down by Allied States In Its annual convention In Chicago, and the other creating a fact-gathering pro- gram to assemble data on alleged price-fixing by distributors. I The latter resolution called for setting up a prog"am at once "to gather such evidence as laflects our individual members and having 'gathered same with affadavits from the various individuals, send it to our Washington ! office for .scrutiny and eventual use in court If need be for the prosecution of those distributors who insist on maintaining a policy of price-fixing to the ultimate end of eliminating all .such tactics by distributors. WITH NATIONAL ASS'N The other resolution saw the local unit lOO^i pledging 100 per cent cooperation with the national body in "every phase and meaning" of the Allied national policy statement. The resolutions were passed at the Tuesday afternoon session. At the luncheon meeting, Leon Bamberger, RKO sales promotion manager, spoke on "Our Greatest Ally," and other afternoon speakers were Stephan Saunders, publisher of Prevue, the fan magazine: the Rev. Jo.seph Pelletier, lauthor of the book, "The Sun Danced at Patima," who spoke on a theatre tie-in with his book and the Warner film, "The Miracle of Patima"; Burton Robbins, son of Herman Bobbins, both of National Screen, .«aid: "We who are identified with National Screen are truly proud of wliat we have contributed to the charities of the industry and of the services we have rendered to theatres." Irving Isaacs summarized the master's report, which was handed down recently in the suit against the commissioner of public safety (regarding the regulation requiring two men jin a theatre booth. JULIAN RIFKIN REPORTS Rifkin of the Rifkin circuit of New {England spoke on Cinerama, and Ray Feeley. ) ^executive secretary of Independent Exhibitors. spoke on the progress which the New England has made in seeking elimination of the • 20 per cent federal admissions tax. He also \ aiscussed COMPO. t Henderson Richey, director of exhibitor re- I jiatlons and sales promotion manager. MGM. was the principal speaker at the banquet. His pubject was public relations and he charged tadustryites with this duty: L"The development of good public relations ust come by not only resenting, but protestiing, when unfair statements are made about laur industry and by appreciation when a hand Of friendship is extended. applies to every single person who jmakes his living or has his future in this ?reat business of ours." He mentioned the work of COMPO and Snapped at the annu;il IKNE rnnvrntion In the Shrrjion hold uerr the above sroups. Top panel, left to rlRht: Hatton Taylor. RKO man.^grr at Bo