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Ideas still pay! Anyone

Ideas still pay! Anyone can find ideas, but successful exhibitors make ideas work for them * Whether you create, collect or adapt ideas, the main thing is to keep them stirring to build business for you. From Cover to Cover — BOXOFFICE Brims with Helpfulness *One exhibitor collected BOXOFFICE Stories on Children's Shows, and has boosted matinee business 100% by adapting them for his own theatre. As never before, better methods pay good dividends in show business. Men in high places and men in low places all have learned that it pays and pays to promote pictures—every day in every way . . . For good ideas in the news and in the service departments, read and use each issue of BOXOFFICE Nine Sectional Editions -To Fit Every Distribution Area =!4-D BOXOFFICE :: December 27, 195

NTS Staffs From Seven Branches Confer at Memphis MEMPHIS—A two-day session conducted ire by R. L. Bostick, southern district superrtsor and vice-president of Niitional Theatre pply Co,, was attended by manaRcrs and lesmen from Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Memphis. New Orleans, Oklahoma City and St. Louis. W. E. Green, president of National rheatre Supply Co., addressed the meeting. Andy Schelck gave a le.sson in optics. John M. Sims discu.ssed television. Bostick welcomed the representatives to the meeting ind made the final address. Drive-in theatres, a carbons sales campaign aLso featured the meeting. Tom Mulroy. Bausch