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: Becomes Films Open for

: Becomes Films Open for Xmas Mild Preholiday Business Smash as 11 NEV/ YORK—While the pre-Christmas business remained mild as theatregoers concentrated on last-minute shopping, the grosses took a tremendous jump the latter part of the week as 11 new pictures opened in time for the holiday. Among them was "Stars and Stripes Forever," which reopened the Roxy and its giant stage ice show December 22, and "Hiawatha," which reopened the Bijou, closed for several months. The other new films included: "Come Back, Little Sheba," "My Cousin Rachel," "Ruby Gentry," "Blackbeard, the Pirate," "April in Paris," "Against All Flags," "No Time for Flowers," "The Black Castle" and "The Importance of Being Earnest." All started strong on Christmas day. "Pony Soldier" had a good first week at the Globe. Among the holdovers, the Radio City Music Hall, with "Million Dollar Mermaid" and the annual "Nativity" stage pageant, had a third week which topped the two previous weeks and long lines started forming December 25 as always during the holiday season. "Hans Christian Andersen" had another strong week, its fourth, at both the Criterion and Paris theatres. "Limelight" also continued to do good business at two theatres, the Astor and the Trans-Lux 60th Street. "This Is Cinerama" remained at absolute capacity for its 12th week at the Broadway Theatre and extra holiday matinees will bring the gross to a new high during the holiday season. "Forbidden Games" was best of the foreign films in its second strong week at the Little Carnegie, but "Two Cents Worth of Hope" was also strong in its opening week at the World. "The Promoter," in its eighth week at the Fine Arts: "Leonardo da Vinci," in its fifth at the Guild, and "Under the Red Sea," in its fifth week at the Beekman, also held up well and will continue into 1953. (Averoge Is 100) Astor— Limelight (UA), 9th wk 115 Baronet The White Line (IFE), 2nd wk 105 Beekman Under the Red Sea (RKO), 5th wk 115 Broadway— This Is Cineramo (Cinerama), reserved sects, 1 2th wk 1 50 Copitol—Because of You (U-l), 3rd wk 100 Cinemo Verdi The White Line (IFE), 3rd wk 105 Criterion Hons Christian Andersen (RKO), 4th wk 145 Fine Arts The Promoter (U-l), 8th wk 125 Globe Pony Soldier (20th-Fox) 120 Guild Leonardo da Vinci (Picturo), 5th wk 105 Little Carnegie Forbidden Gomes (Times), 2nd wk 130 Loew's Stote Hangman's Knot (Col), 2nd wk. ..100 Moyfoir The Thief of Venice (20th-Fox), 4th wk. 90 Normandie—Crisis (MGM), revival 1 00 Polace Torpedo Alley (AA), plus vaudeville .. 1 10 Paramount Stop, You're Killing Me (WB), plus stage show, 2nd wk 1 05 Pons Hans Christian Andersen (RKO) 4th wk.. J45 Radio City Music Hall Million Dollar Mermaid (MGM), plus Christmas stage show, 3rd wk...l50 Rivoli The Snows of Kilimanjaro (20th-Fox), 14th wk 100 Roxy Stars and Stripos Forever (20th-Fox), plus stoge ice show—opened December 22. Sutton The Four Poster (Col), 10th wk. . 100 Trans-Lux 52nd Street O. Henry's Full House (20th-Fox), lOth wk 100 Trons-Lux 60th Street—Limelight (UA), reserved scots, 9lh wk 110 Victorio Breaking the Sound Barrier (UA), 7th ^^,k 1 00 World—^Two Cents Worth of Hope (Times) 125 Philadelphia Holdovers Top First Run Grosses PHILADELPHIA—The only pictures to break even were "Because You're Mine" in the ninth week at the Arcadia, and "Snows of Kilimanjaro" in a ninth week at the Midtown. Aldine— Face to Face (RKO) 70 Arcadia—Because You're Mine (MGM), 9th wk. ..100 Boyd Flat Top (AA) 50 Fox— Ivanhoe (MGM), I 0th wk 50 Goldmon Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder (Col).... 75 Mastboum Thunderbirds (Rep) 50 Midtown Snows of Kilimanjaro (20th-Fox), 9th wk 100 Randolph My Pal Gus (20th-Fox) 95 Stanley Montana Belle (RKO) 45 Stanton The Raiders (U-l) 60 Trans-Lux The Hoppy Time (Col) 90 Buffalo Grosses Slump Below Average Mark BUFFALO—Boxoffices failed to do much jingling around the local rialto. What little business there was went to the Buffalo with "Outpost in Malaya" and to the Paramount with "Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd." Buffalo Outpost in Malaya (UA) 90 Center— High Treason (Pocemaker) 85 Cinema The Quiet Man (Rep), 3rd wk 80 Century Hunchback of Notre Dame (RKO); Cot People (RKO), reissues 80 Lafayette Black Narcissus (AA) 75 Paramount Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd (WB) 90 Teck The Prisoner of Zendo (MGM), 3rd wk... 80 Pittsburgh Grosses Slip As Shopping Mounts PITTSBURGH—Grosses were down at theatres while near record crowds were downtown shopping. Tlu-ee offerings were holdovers. Fulton— Bloodhounds of Broadway (20th-Fox) . . . . 60 Harris—Becouse of You (U-l), 10 doys 90 Penn Plymouth Adventure (MGM), 2nd wk. . . . 70 Stanley—The Iron Mistress (WB), 2nd wk 75 Warner Blackbeard the Pirote (RKO), 2nd wk. . . 75 'Member' Set for Sutton NEW YORK—Stanley Kramer's "The Member of the Wedding," starring Ethel Waters, Julie Harris and Brandon de Wilde in the roles they created in the Broadway stage version, will open at the Sutton Theatre December 30. following a ten-week run for "The Four Poster," also a Kramer picturization of a stage hit. Both pictures are Columbia releases. Subway Recommends "Stars' NEW YORK—The New York subway "Go See Picture of the Month" car card beginning Monday (22) recommended "StarE and Stripes Forever," 20th-Fox film that opened the next day at the Roxy Theatre. Usherettes Calm Crowd When Fire Hits Theatre mass i Isnte Alto pictures and a Walt Disney RKO release tt follow in January and February. All in Tech-^ nicolor. "Niagara," a 20th-Fox drama star-: ring Marilyn Monroe, Joseph Gotten ano Jean Peters, will follow "Stars and Stripes' in January. Walt Disney's "Peter Pan." cartoon feature, will open at the Roxy February 4 and "Call Me Madam," starring Ethel Mer^ man in her original stage role in the Irving Berlhi musical, is also booked. K FtoW ḲiZjHr^ CenW ictoi. 'Theotw J» AssMiot •Jim. Ui»"^, 'ihinsa;lol itiol Fdeiow (ijrtin, W»« , H, N ^- ^ ;:jn f. Mutp «* A, McCoi fejiiiit; WillioiT . togte Nettei tf Univer«li ^i 0. O'liien, Bren, Unite ., «PM; Edi ' Wiy. ^'!'« be.i; (jeoije J. fc« m Hi jr., t Walto. Com mi Mm >rd J. Moilei Overflow Annual] m YORK lie ie iidictrj Pitcadilly Ctffitmas iJK p Aivertij Fridim ol [sitj Brioiis I comnitl tompa rtenlthatth e prsnt i iMainiiij pr; tie form of hi i] resork t ftmude Me Marnier, Jc lo presided fi% were gi Olliers on Iirrj McWill »», Vinci Brien, ai Trans-Lu ®f VORl HERE'S YOUR CHANCE to 9*t in th« BIG MONEY >• As a screen gome, HOLLYWOOD takes top honors. As a box-office attraction, it is without equal It _ ha* .been a favorite with theatre goers for „ f^OVI^ Stars '• over 1 5 years. Write todpy for complete de- tolls. Be sure to give seating or ear capacity. iBarlesDicke Ittribmeii \s I^Jl^ooti ^ Playin; [ "ifli started HOLLYWOOD AMUSIMINT CO. «3 1 S«uth Wobath A venu* • CMcogo 5, MIIik Leonardo da t-^, BOXOFFICE :: December 27, 195:. lOXOFRcE

. . Ben . . Minor . . Jack Communion Breakfast 1 1 BROADWAY ! a; tieti. „, JlSel for February 1 of the Waldorf Astoria February 1. It will fellow a mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral at -^ » a. m 'Oil'. Ki ©:: NEW YORK—The third annual communion breakfast for film Industry workers In the New York area will be held In the ballroom Similar breakfasts are also to be held February 1 In Los Angeles and Toronto. An attendance of 1.500 Is expected here. Members of the sponsoring committee arc: Fronk I. Alford, MPEA; Williom E. Borry, Shea Enterprises; Morgucnto Bourdctto, Poromount; Fronk Bryon, Skouras Theatres; Frank E. Cohill jr. Warner 1.1011 Theatres; Frances X. Carroll, 20th Cenlury-Fox; Pot Cosey, Pat Casey Enterprises; John Contort jr., Contort & Co.; Robert W. Coyne, COMPO; Thomos Oehon, RKO Theolres; Wilham Cronin, Comcrford Theatres; John Dcrvin, Monogram Pictures; Edward C. Dowden, Loew's; Joseph Eogon, Fabian Thootres; Jomes M. Froney, United World Films; Joseph M. Gtoghan, Century Theatres; Edmund C. Grainger, RKO Theatres; Jomes R. Grainger Republic Pictures; William J. Heincmon, United Artists; Woltcr F. J. Higoins, Associated Proudentiol Theatres; John Hughes, United Artists; James D. Ivers, Quigtcy Publishing Co.; John Kane, Columbia Pictures; Austin C. Keough, Poromount; Mrs. James Looram, Internotionol Federation of Catholic Alumnae; Thomos J, Martin, Warner Bros.; Peter J. Mooney, Audio Prod.; Paul C. Mooney sr., Notional Screen; James A. Mulvey, Goldwyn Productions. John F. Murphy, Loew's; William P. Murphy, Republic; Thomos Murtho, lATSE, Local 4 (Brooklyn); Joseph A. McConville, Columbio; Joseph McMohon, Republic; William J. McSheo, RKO Radio Pictures; L Douglas Netter jr , Altec Service; John J. O'Connor, Universal; Thomas F. O'Connor RKO Theotres; Paul D. O'Brien, O'Brien, Driscoll i Rottery; Robert H. O'Brien, United Paramount Theotres; Joyce O'- Hora, MPAA; Edward K. O'Sheo, Poromount; Martin Quiglcy, Quigley Publishing Co.; Chorles M. Rcogon, Loews; George J. Schocter; Bert Sonford; Edwin J. Smith jr., RKO Rodio Pictures; Nick Tronolone; Fronk C. Walker, Comerford Theotres; Richard F. Walsh lATSE; William A. White, Skouros Theatres; Rev. Patrick J. Masterson, spiritual director. Overflow Crowd Attends Annual Ampa Xmas Party NEW YORK—More than 200 members of the industry packed the Georgian room of the Piccadilly hotel to attend the annual Christmas party of Associated Motion Picture Advertisers Tuesday (23). Chester Friedman of BOXOFFICE, chairman of the party committee, had promoted gifts from various companies and organizations to the extent that there was a door prize for everyone present and a drawing for a score of remaining prizes. Special grand prizes in the form of holidays at Florida and New Jersey resorts were won by Dave Weinstein, Gertrude Merriam. Edgar Goth and Joe Hollander. Joe E. Brown and Benny Fields, who presided at the drawing of the grand prizes, were given an ovation. Others on the dais were Boris Karloff, Harry McWilliams, Ampa president: Rutgers Neilson, Vincent Trotta, Leon Bamberger, Lige Brien, Al Ploersheimer, Goth and Friedman. Trans-Lux 72d St. Reopened NEW YORK—The Trans-Lu.x 72nd Street Theatre, closed for several months, reopened Christmas day with a revival showing of Charles Dickens' "Christmas Carol." originally distributed by United Artists in December 1951. Two other Trans-Lux midtown houses are playing first runs, the Trans-Lux 60th. which started its ninth week of two-a-day performances of CI arles Chaplin's "Limehght" December 18, i.iid the Guild in Rockefeller Plaza, which stiirted its fifth week of "Leonardo da Vinci" I lie same day. ^Avld C'oplln, pri-.sident of the newly formed Int