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PITTSBURGH lyjelvin Mann

PITTSBURGH lyjelvin Mann resigned booking duties at the Paramount exchange last Friday (19 1 and returned to his home in Chicago . . . Active in local federal court December 24 was the civil action brought by Mrs. Florence Lipscher (former wife of the late Harry Browarsky), and Ike Browarsky, executors and trustees under the will of the late Harry Browarsky, versus the district collector of internal revenue and claiming overpayment of income taxes. They seek a return of $19,775.53 and interest for the estate of the late city area exhibitor . . . Emilio Corsi, manager of the Granada at Beaver Falls, turned over a large supply of canned goods collected at a special kiddy show . . . Announcement is made of the engagement of Iris Virtman of this city and Morton Silverman, elder son of David C. Silverman, local manager. Morton is a senior at Duquesne university here . . . Mr. and Mrs. James Hendel are enjoying a two-week vacation at Miami. Marco Ranalli is spending the winter months improving the grounds at Ranalli's Drive-In Theatre, located between Etna and Butler . . . P. E. McGillick, former local exhibitor, is seeking a return of $15,105.73 with interest in alleged overpayment of income tax . . Irving Shiftman resigned sales . duties with United Artists and returned to his home in Boston. Bill Rhodes, former Republic salesman here who has since been a radio time salesman, has been added to the UA sales organization and he will cover the West Virginia area. John Zomnir, who has represented UA for sales on the main line and with the Cooperative office, has John D. Walsh, added the Erie area . . . Fulton manager, was recuperating at Mercy hospital where he had undergone surgery for correction of a ruptured disk in his back. Mr. and Mrs. Nate Lazier of Berlo Vending Co. were hosts for the Variety Club family party December 19 . . . Beaver Theatre at Beaver, closed for several weeks, was scheduled to reopen December 26 . . . Russ Wehrle, supervising manager of the downtown State Theatre here, has named James Seegan as assistant manager. Harry F. Grelle, veteran of the industry, was promoted recently from a-ssistant to manager of the State. Mrs. Stella P. L. Gorris and son Gregory of the Star Theatre at Glassport were ovei- Joyed last week when word was received of the courage of son and brother airman first class P. Gorris, 22, who snuffed out a time bomb high in North Korean skies as death ticked off the last 32 seconds of survival for him.self and 12 others In a B-29 Superfort crew. With less than 60 seconds to live, he dived into the wind-whipped bomb bay and worked with cold numbed fingers on the ticking of a photoflash bomb which had Jammed on several loopound bombs over the target. The fuse would tick 60 seconds, then detonate the huge flash bomb to tear the four-engined bomber apart.' The crew mentally counted w-hile the young gunner worked. Finally Gorris straightened the fuse after 28 seconds. Brother Gregorj', who manages the Star at Glassport, is departing soon for special astronomy study at UCLA. Airman Ernest was expected to arrive here for the holidays. Starlite Drive-In Theatre near Uniontown, which formerly Lssued gasoline to keep car motors running for heat in winter months, has 200 in-car heaters in operation . . . Hayes Garbarino, former Clarion exhibitor, operates a television and appliances store there . . . David M. Fineman, Rankin exhibitor and special agent for the Paul Revere Life Insurance Co., has received a "sales leader" award for the year. . . . "The Prince of Dr. H. C. Winslow, Meadville exhibitor and chairman of that city's advisory committee on flood control, is the leader in creation of a French Creek Valley Flood Control Authority. Elmer Hasley, East Pittsburgh indoor and Conneaut Lake outdoor exhibitor, should be Interested in the Meadville flood control program as his f.ummer home at Cochranton on French creek is flooded several times each year . . . Phil Katz of the Warner circuit publicity department vacationed last week Peace" has just had its first Pittsburgh exhibition at the Cameraphone in East Liberty, recently leased by Morris M. Finkel. . . . Joe R. S. Wehrle, supervising manager of the Capitol at Braddock, states that we were in error December 13 in publishing that this theatre would be sold and that a business establishment would replace it. The firm which Wehrle represents recently terminated its lease on the Times Theatre at Braddock and that property is closed and may be converted into a store or it could remain as a theatre under new management, depending on negotiations now in the works Mazzei, manager of the Grant at Millvale, has booked the Wheeling Jamboree for a midnight stage show New Year's eve. Pittsburgh's annual Welcome week celebration has been shelved until 1958 when the city celebrates its 200th anniversary. The Chamber of Commerce states that a fund shortage has ruled out a Welcome week program Exploiting "Outpost in for 1953 . . . Malaya," theatreman Bill Sliirley, carrying a sign, stood on various street corners here offering three $1 bUls for a $2 bill. Shoppers suspected a swindle, or they didn't have a $2 bill, for Santa's trade of $3 for $2 didn't have many swappers, said the 82-year-old press agent. Meanwhile, thousands saw the film title on his sign . . . Anthony and Don Mungello's Mary Ann Theatre at Burgettstown is being represented by the newly established P. D. Moore Theatre Service, with offices in the Atlas Theatre Supply Co. building. Sharon, featured "I am proud" advertisements to introduce "My Pal Gus" . . . Nathan E. Landy and his imcle, Nat M. Cherkosly, reopened the remodeled Hazelwood Theatre Christmas day. Cherkosly has operated a local film trucking service for a number of years . . F. D. Moore Theatre Service . is booking the Grant Theatre at Millvale. Bsi" Pittsburgh Row Unions Elect Officers for 1953 : of a ''•'' PITTSBURG—Ted Tolley, MGM's shipper, has been re-elected president of the Film- M; ft" . . . row Employes Local B-11 for his 13th term. Sike'*' Other officers elected last week: .Maj* Peg Cronin, Paramount, vice-president; ^ Joe Mccormick, RKO, business agent; Janet IJ^'-J^JI Smith, National Screen, secretary: Alfy ^'^ Kuhn, Warner Bros., treasurer. Members ""''' of the executive board for 1953 are Mary ie m. s Foulis, 20th-Fox, and Peggy Cronin, Para-J *'''*' mount, representing inspectors; Jack Leff National Screen, and Francis Drake, MGM Siri Kenny, li 11 iora representing shippers; Louis Lombard! anc Jean Demma, National Screen, poster clerks. Pilmrow Employes Local F-11 has namec these officers: Al Lostetter, U-I, president: Helen Garlitz AA, secretary; John Navoney, Paramount treasurer; Orlando J. "Sam" Boyle, 20th-Fox business agent; Burt Schwartz, U-I sergean' at arms; trustees are Anne Simon, WB Catherine Predmore, RKO, and Laiirt George, U-I. Executive board members for the fron office union are: Claire Boyle, Jay Angel Margaret O'Cormell, Agatha Donahue, Rhei Aaronson, Harold Ironfield, Marie Isleri Josephine Beck and Robert Favorite. Mrs. Arthur F. Morrone Dies PITTSBURGH—En route to the annua Christmas party for children and members o the lATSE Local 171 Saturday morning (20) Mrs. Marie E. Turner Morrone, 60, died a the result of a heart attack. She was th' widow of the late Arthur F. Morrone, whi owned and managed the old Superior Thea tre Supply Co. here for many years. Sur viving are two daughters, Mrs. Bertha C Allen and Mrs. PYances M. Shuttleworth three brothers; a sister, and three grandi children. New Screen at Fulton • PITTSBURGH—An RCA Synchro-Screei was installed this week in the Pulton Thea tre. The Sixth street house was to be closeon December 24 for completion of the jol according to John D. Walsh jr. manage ^jj who is hospitalized here. Asks $150,000 for Injuries PITTSBURG—Jane Townsend has asko for a jury trial in her action against Ul Monessen Ajnusement Company, clalmlUw 000. ^. personal injiu'ies from a fall. She asks $150J ' , )jy, IH of " tb 0* fce;y ;v F 6ai ftlBsbeco ; lere eled .ilitott, Kident: pn Ho H ftl reci Jftsiti. fii (.wutive I fck, Ben ( si aeei are A .to aeri iseait at aii Pbis art coi mi'M lia t tadicappe si, prominei Kip OD liis I F . . . Teni i-tp .\'ew Marty Port 'it; 13 will III a? Chief Ba iiel Barker I Bob Gabriel, lital Film e • Miistryiti Kti o( Jamf Maset-lcokei iK of front lieniter of 1 :el, mac linFli ecordak SOCffiSIHi, SAM FINEBERG TOM McCLEARY JIM ALEXANDER 84 Von Broom Street PITTSBURGH 19, PA. Phone EXprcis 1-0777 If UpvJK Art BfHtr Th»n E> fr Hoy-t Your E^ulpmwlt Hundreds of members of the industry celebrated the holiday season at the annual Hanna Theatre Service open house party December 19. Bud Thomas and Bud Rosenberg were bartenders for more than eight hours (getting overtime) and the snack counter goodies were replenished by Joe Hanna, Mary Jane Hoon and Mary Lou Taylor . . W. c. Rlester, manager of the Columbia at Complete Sound and Projection Service ATLAS THEATRE SUPPLY Gordon Gibson, Mgr. 402 Millenberger St., GRant 1-42S1. Pittsburgh, Pi. MOTIOGRAPH — MIRROPHONIC :>o BOXOFFICE December 27, 19!

, premier . . Division [PHILADELPHIA 'TTarry S. Jacobs, owner of the Wynne Tlic- :ilie, opened to the public hl.s housf on Monday (22> for ii sneak world of "The Four Po.stcr." A Juk was jplat't'd In the lobby for contributions to Variety Club's camp for handicapped children and the Will Rogers Memorial hospital. Exchange Finance Co., which has become kisort of a fixture In the Vine street film [Icolony, has opened a second office at 1901 larket with Cy Berger a.s o&slstant manager . . Maybelle Bond, secretary to Manager . . . Paramount Sales HUlrlk Smith ond a Paramount employe for years, resigned lanager Herb GilUs was recovering from a cent stroke . . . George James, projectionist kt the Kent, and Sam Kevltch, projectionist at the Carmen, died recently. Marl Kenny, who doubles for Jane Russell. »Bs in town to help publicize "Montana Belle" . . . Mary Hellworth. MOM booker's clerk, has become engaged . . . The following nen were elected officers of Local 307 Harry ||J. Abbott, president; Abbott Oliver, vicepresident; Horace Johns, business agent; Jex Fell, recording secretary, and Charles lumphries, financial secretary. Members of lie executive board are Al Van Bell, Robert Bleck, Ben Green and Pai'ker Kennedy, rustees are Al Werlin. William Braunewell, nd Abe Sherman. Werlin was also named ^ergeant at arms. Plans are coniplet« for the construction of recreation hall at the Variety Club's camp or handicapped children, according to Leo sel, prominent exhibitor, who founded the ip on his farm in Lansdale four years go . . . Tent 13 is scheduled to hold a ftng-up New Year's eve party with music |)y Marty Portnow and his orchestra . . . rent 13 will hold its dinner to honor outgoing Chief Barker Vic Blanc and incoming 3hief Barker Ralph Pries on January 5. Bob Gabriel, Ed Gabriel's son, is back at apital Film exchange after military duty . . Industryites were sorry to hear of the leath of James A. Flynn, Republic office anager-booker. Plynn was one of the founlers of front office workers Local F-7 and member of Motion Picture Associates . . . Foe Engel, manager at Screen Guild, was on vacation in Florida. . L. McCarthy Will Head 'iji lecordok Board Jan. 1 ROCHESTER—George L. McCaithy will rem ire as president of Recordak Corp. and be- !ome chairman of the board January 1. John i. Boeing, a vice-president since 1943, has lean chosen to succeed McCarthy. Boeing and M. Wren Gabel, vice-president md assistant general sales manager of East- '!^ nan Kodak, have been elected as members If the board. Recordak is an Eastman sublifcl^jdiary.