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. . OUie : December

. . OUie : December ATLANTA n frozen sprinkler head caused a sprinkler - system to go off in the Rialto at Atlanta recently (16), spraying five rows of theatre seats and bringing five companies of fii-e fighting eqiupment roaring to the scene. The alarm occurred about 10:30 a.m.. 30 minutes before the theatre s first screening of the day. It was empty at the time. Damage to the seats and a roof through which the water poured was caUed neglible by Bob Moscow, manager. The theatre was operating on normal schedules later in the day. Jack Lancaster, son of Rose Lancaster of Astor Pictures, home on a Christmas furlough from the marine base in Florida, will ABC THEATRICAL ENTERPRISES ATLANTA JACKSONVILLE Phone ALPine 7887 Phone 5-9227 P. 0. Box 1345 P. 0. Box I BUYING BOOKING AGENTS K. J. (Hop) Barnes C. B. (Cliff) Wilson Karl (Bud) Chalmon R. A. (Rex) Morris "10 NIGHTS N DEMPSEY A BAimOOM" /ICMr im? PICTURES in:%rii: .i-:iAiLi.Jtmtti:tns WM.S.HART:. EVERY INCH « IMN' MTBE GOOD §i?: OLD SONGS MONEY MA6WET ^ BOBBIE! \m nut TKiiR OUTIHSIIIPSTICII SNUBPOLLiRD COMEDY TODDT PICTURES CO. report to a marine station in Puerto Rico January 1 . . . Johnny Long, Dixie Theatre, East Gadsden, Ala., was on Filmrow booking . George Jones, Universal, and wife celebrated their 25th anniversary. James C. Mensen of the Garden Drive-In at St. Petersburg sold out his interest to J. E. Jackson and Mark S. Cummins . . . Thomas Lucy have dissolved their partnership in Exhibitors Service Co., Jones will handle bookings for 14 accounts from his home at 1586 Bridlewood Circle, Decatur, and Lucy will continue to operate as Exhibitors Service at 189 Walton St. NW. Norma Brower, U-I resigned prior to impending motherhood. Janet Marks also resigned. The U-I Christmas party was held at Jennings on December 19 . . . The girls of Metro gave a Christmas luncheon party in the Paradise room of the Henry Grady hotel . . . Doris Gafford went home to Thaxton. Miss., for the holidays . . . MGM employes on vacation: Dick Smith, cashier; Russell Gauss, manager and Betty Jo Clayton. George Roscoe, Columbia manager, was on a vacation . . . The Columbia Christmas party was held in the office Friday . . . Manager Brauer of Republic returned from a trip to Savannah. On vacation were B. G. Hopkins, with his family, to Knoxville. Tenn.; Sid Reams, visiting his daughter in Columbus, Ga., and James Cronin. . . . Warners' Christmas party was held Friday (19) at Mammy's Shanty . Williamson and his family spent Christmas in Houston, Tex Dorothy Morris was married recently. Bill Coleman, MGM publicist from Dallas, was at the Variety Club. Bill put on the "Gone With the Wind" premiere here in 1939 . . . "Dusk to Dawn" shows is spreading among drive-in theatres. Bernie Rubin of Imperial Pictures in Cleveland, Ohio, is credited with originating the practice. From 7 to 8 features are played on the Saturday all-night shows, and all patrons who remain till dawn received coffee and doughnuts free. Dixie Drive-In Theatres of Atlanta tried out the idea at its drive-in at Savannah, and results were 25 per cent above normal business. ^^ t^. FOLLOWS THE FLEET — Lindsey Jones, former booker at the U-I exchange in Atlanta, keeps up to date on film industry developments by reading BOX- OFFICE aboard his ship, a submarine tender in the Pacific fleet. Jones returned to the navy base at San Diego recently following a three-week leave spent at his Atlanta home. Exhibitor's Dog Wins BEARDEN, ARK.—L. Brazil jr., owner of the New Theatre here, said his dog Blue won the first tree at the Clark county. Ark., coon field trial held here early in December. Brazil also said that since Rod Cameron's visit here with the Movietime tour in May it came as no surprise to him that Cameron was voted most-popular actor by Bearden voters in the recent Arkansas Movie Ballot contest. Fire Destroys Alicia Theatre ALICIA, ARK.—The Alicia Theatre, operated by Ben R. Bush and Carl Polston, was destroyed in a $20,000 fire December 17. Send for Samples Special Bargains in Bags, Boxes and Concession Trays. ATLANTA POPCORN SUPPLY 146 Wolton St., Aflonfo, Ga. CYCL@RAMIC Cusfom Screen GIVES YOU "CEMTER SEAT VISIOH" From every seat in the house! ELIMINATES GLARE AND DISTORTION!; GIVES AMAZING NEW DEPTH! PERFECT SOUND TRANSMISSION! NO PERFORATIONS! WIL-KIN THEATRE SUPPLY, Inc. AHonlo, Georgia—Charlode, N. C.—Jacksonville, Fla. "Iverything for the theotie except lilm" 6 — LUM & ABNERS BOOK THEM NOW! '^ A Jack Wm. Volion Production ' Pioouced D» e[N HERSH . Uiiei-t'i] t" NtQH ASTOR PiaURES CO. of Ga., Inc. Main 9845 163 Walton St. Atlanta, Go. See us for— _ _,. , P,oor Mat for Every P-pose Beauty, Satety, Fatigue FOR; ENTRANCES. AISLES. CONCESSIONS NATIONAL FLOOR PRODUCTS CO. Southern Office—Atlanta, Go. 66 BOXOFFICE : 27. 1952 jlOXOFncE

[ ' HART BEATS IN By HARRY HART TAMES AND Lucille Duncan, 23rd Slri-ol * Drive-In. ChuttanooRa, recently became the parents of a daughter named Mary Catherine. The Duncans mailed out novel announcements heralding the birth. Ed Burchfleld Is building a de luxe 400-car drlve-ln at Oak Ridge, Tenn. Monograph equipment Is being supplied by Wil-KIn Theatre Supply. Booking Is to be handled by Marguerite Stith. Louis E. Ram. 53, Aiken, S.C, died recently. Funeral services and burial were In Alkcn. He was connected in business with his brother H.. B. Ram. • • • Fred Matthews, vice-president of Monograph, and Victor TVad, Trad large-screen television president, were visitors at WIl-KIn In Atlanta. The Edisto Theatre, Orangesburg, S.C, recently Installed Motlograph sound and projection equipment. Bernie Wiley, Kingspring Drive-In owner, Johnson City, Tenn., and Dwain Peterman and Fred Owen, operators of a 300-car ozoner at Livingston, Tenn., have purchased Monograph and Ashcraft equipment for their airers. ATLANTA Jack Hunt, Wtl-KIn salesman, sold hair oil dispen.scrs to the Maxwell House hotel TTie same company supplied ten more Martin theatres with Buttcrmat dispen.sers. Century equipment, purcha-scd through Capitol City Supply, Atlanta, was recently Installed at Als Drive-In. Bonlfay. Fla. The 250-car situation is owned by Al Saunders. « • • R. L. McWIlllams Jr.. and John Dunphy. National Tlieatre Supply salesmen, recently became fathers of .sons. McWIlllams and Dunphy celebrated the births by selling equipment to the following new drlve-ln theatremen: Cole Bros., Cole Drive-In, Clinton, Tenn.; Emory Johnson. 411, Centre, Ala.; Cecil Hud.son, Lakes. Ackworth. Ga.; Joe Henderson, Holiday, Camilla, Ga.; R. H. Durm. Camilla, Camilla, Ga., and to an unnamed alrer In Stuart, Fla. " • • • Charley Clark of Jack Pot quiz night made a trip to .south Florida. Hubert Mitchell. Ranch Drive-In, Hartsell, Ala., was an Atlanta visitor. The Southeastern Theatre Co. gave ball point pens as Christmas gifts to patrons and friends. Wll-Kin has supplied Trad large-screen television in the Paramount, Atlanta: Ritz, Birmingham; Florida. Jacksonville, and the Charlotte Theatre. Charlotte, N.C. Fuller Sams jr., of the Statesville Theatre Corp., has supplied his airer at Goldsboro, N.C, with Motiograph equipment, as well as his drive-in at Hobgood. N.C. • • • Colonial Theatres. N.C. has installed new Cretors popcorn machines from Wil-Kin in the Rivoli. Hickory, Louisburg. Louisburg. and Colonial. Valdese, N.C. To RebuiM Fire-Razed Dallas FORDYCE. ARK.—Seven days after the Dallas Tlieatre burned here another theatre, the Lee. was opened by the same company that operated the Dallas, the K. Lee Williams interests. Plans were announced on the rebuilding of the fire-razed house. A two-story construction is to be built with a seating capacity of about 700 seats. The Williams circuit operates 35 theatres. SCALES U> tu*ff iui( \imti tblt u product • tMtcr Kal< tad rtdun Um - (DO No« Iff ahrrt It I tx ind If • t»li IIU Ik'jBS xIII m( aakt tbli sawi. titrn )ou don'l want tcalM Lac •t UiM dnl an I « 100 k