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Chicago First Runs Slump

Chicago First Runs Slump to Average CHICAGO — Business at Lcwp first run houses was slow. New product was fairly strong and did average business. The Chicago did fine with a second week of "The Tliief," plus a stage show. (Averoge Is 100) Chccogo The Thief (UA), plus stage show, 2nd 1 y,|^ 00 Esquire—The Hour of 13 (MGM), 2nd wk 100 Grond—The Steel Trop {20th-Fox); The Lody Soys No (UA), 3rd wk -90 Orientol—Breoking the Sound Borrier (UA), 2nd „k 1 00 . . Poloce—Plymouth Adventure (MGM), 3rd wk 100 State-Loke—The Snows of Kilimonjoro (20th-Fox), 7th wk 95 Roosevelt Hongmon's Knot (Col); Torget—Hong Kong (Colj 95 Surf—O. Henry's Full House (20th-Fox), 7fh wk.lOO United Artists — Flat Top (AA); Torpedo Alley (AA), 2nd wk 90 World Ployhouse Gods of Boll (Classics); Blithe Spirit (Classic) 95 Woods Pony Soldier (20th-Fox), 3rd wk 95 Ziegfeld—Beouty ond the Beost (Lopert); Shoe Shine (Lopert) 90 Kansas City Opening Of "Kidd' Scores 140 KANSAS CITY—Business here last week among the first runs was nothing to rave about. "Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd" surmounted the pre-Christmas shopping hurdle and scored 140 per cent at the Paramount. The Vogue's fourth week of "The Promoter" was still tops with 150. Kimo Never Toke No for on Answer (Souvaine) 2nd wk 50 Midland Outpost in Moloyo (UA); Storm Over Tibet (Col) 85 Missouri The Ring 'UA); Untomed Women (UA).IOO Paramount— Abbott ond Costello Meet Coptoin Kidd WB) ;.-:---^L--i:-, '. vc'i- Uptown, Fairwoy and Grando The Steel Trop (2Cth-Fox) 90 '.oguc The Promoter (U-l), ^th wk 150 Indianapolis Grosses Tumble in Slow Week INDIANAPOLIS—Boxoffice receipts took a big slump last week. The highest gross went to "The Savage," -vhich hit a mild 80 per cent at the Indiana. Circle Operotion Secret (WB); To Hove and Hove Not ( WB), reissue 70 Indiana The Sovoge (Para) 80 Keith's—Because of You (U-l); Scotlond Yord Inspector (LP), 2nd wk 75 Loew's The Prisoner of Zendo (MGM); Holidoy for Sinners (MGM), 2nd wk 60 Lyric Untamed Women (UA) 70 Two Pa. Distributors Named CHICAGO—Irwin S. Joseph, president of Essanjay Films, Inc.. here, has appointed two new zone managers. Jack H. Harris of Jack H. Harris Productions, Philadelphia, was named zone manager in that area and Lewis Hanna of Hanna Theatre Service, Pittsburgh, was named Pittsburgh zone manager. Harris and Hanna will handle "Because of Eve" exclusively in those territories. CHAIRS REBUILT IN YOUR THEATRE By Experts in Their Field Write ior Quotations Chicago Used Chair Mart 829 So. State St. Chicago 5 30-Year-Old Silent Films Playing at Chicago Surf CHICAGO—Two silent films, famous in the history of the screen, are currently showing at H&E Balaban's Surf. They are "The Cabinet of Dr. Galigari" and "The Last Laugh," both of which were filmed some 30 years ago. Both fnms are German-made, produced in an era when German studios were the innovators of screen and camera techniques. "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari," one of the first horror tales, was originally released in 1921. "The Last Laugh," released in 1925, established the reputation of actor Emil Jennings in this country. Recently presented as a double-feature at one of New York's art theatres, the two pictures had a highly successful run of eight weeks. Boxoffice returns for the first week of the run, the management subsequently reported, were triple those of any film presented in the previous six months. MAIL IN DATES TODAY ALBERT DEZEL'^ 831 S.Wobosh.CHICAGO NOW BREAKING ALL RECORDS !i -S UN/rSHOWS- ART OF LOVE BED-W DIPLOMAT BIRTH OF LIFE 'BURNING QUESTION 'SMAING VICE TRUST HOW TO TAKE A BATH I^uii. .jeral Eas IM« ;*»!?«"' ,,ie or fflis"' tatiersJsreas Tne coBifflil" jeMFKlo"" iuoBtliaiiii isaoimtai by Oilier menilii jlntanli, St. 3.JI jEjioD, WilliamS' L and ^ BtoJW, s' lEddiiettors,! to renst and s lylaws of tie iio lieaW IS diide Jolin Ms Ki and Lou A sport on the led aieetin! The menbei rigional Piiil rice- Knieger CabdenandB i-,ve for new [!ttieiice-pn CHICAGO _ CHICAGO f lis portion 01 tee submi htsinitsow Tentative pi ip of the i i 1)3 were dii Tne teation \ till Is amoni \ f f Seasons Greetings kss ten nan of tlie Ureal UnEv Jami St. tais, te f f f 20th Century-Fox Films of directors 1 teni aE of tl tended a m none hotel. Ice She f TOM GILLIAM, Branch Manager ARNOLD MONNETTE, Sales Manager CHICAGO Balaban & B f f ARTHUR VAN DYKE, Circuit Salesman FRANK YOUNG, Office Manager lor tto weel McGeeisth stats June A f ice shoR in M, Hate Pii *o« on am SALESMEN: Milt Simon, Harold Goodamote, Jack Eckhardt, Leo Schauer BOOKING DEPARTMENT: Art Patzlaif, Head Booker; Annamae Suffern, Al. Klinenberg, Ward Day \ FOX MOVIETONE NEWS: Emil Montemurro TRANSPORTATION: John Conway 3 ^ *e circuit's I f U f I \ I PUBLICITY: Ted Todd li i4'«HSr»!ft«!Si-as?a r:.i«?S«!^-s^-«??a-o?5ia«?S-«s?!x««i«f^ \ \ I BOXOFFICE December 27, 1952 BOXOFncE

. . Tony . . The MPTO Grievance Unil S T. LOUIS To Start in January ST. LOUIS— Till' tipw Krlevniicc commlltcc of the Motion Ptcturi- ThcuUi- Owners of St. Loul.s. Eastern Mi.s.soiin iind Southern Illinois, appointed by President Tom Bloonier of Belleville iind headed by Le.ster Kropp. cogeneral manager of the Fred WehrenberK Theatres here, will .start functlunInK early In January. It will handle any subject of dl.spute or misunderstanding. Including .such matters as reasonable rentals and clearances. The committee will hold regular meeting In tlie MPTO offices here and the exact days of the month and time tor the .sessions will be announced by Kropp. Other members of the committee are John Meinardi, St. Loul.s: Tom Bloomer, Belleville; Bill Williams. Union; Tom Edwards, Farm- Ington. and Lou Ansell, St. Louis. Bloomer, at a i-ecent ineetlng of officers and directois, natned a special committee to revise and streamline the constitution and bylaws of the organization. Tills committee also is headed by Kropp. Other members include John Meinardi, Phil Nanos, Paul Krueger and Lou Ansell, all of St. Louis. They will report on the suggested changes at the next board meeting. The membership committee, headed by the regional vice-presidents of the organization, Paul Krueger of St. Louis, Bill Waring of Cobden and Bill Williams, Union, will start a drive for new members during January. Each of the vice-presidents is to name members to his portion of the committee, and each of subcommittees will concentrate its efforts in its own particular territory. Tentative plans for several regional meetings of the organization to be held during 1953 were discu.ssed at the board meeting. The location and time of the first meeting will be announced later by Bloomer. Bloomer has been named to the executive committee of the Theatre Owners of America, while Tommy James and Paul Krueger, both of St. Louis, have been apopinted to the board of directors of the TOA. They plan to attend all of the TOA meetings. Bloomer attended a meeting of COMPO in the Blackstone hotel, Chicago, on December 10, 11. Ice Show at Chicago CHICAGO—The Chicago Theatre of the Balaban & Katz chain is offering an ice show for two weeks, starting on the 26th. Truly McGee is the producer of the revue, which stars June Arnold of the New Yorker hotel ice shows in New York. If it proves successful, Nate Piatt. B&K booker, will keep the show on and possibly tour it in other of the circuit's houses in Chicago. '2/ PLAY SAFE... NEXT TINE VSE ^*g ^Jl^Ouality mi s. wttASH ivu CHietao no NINTH IVENUE. NEW VOK . A-s announced In thlJi column •Tlic .Shubfft Thratrr. dark sltici- larly last summer, opened on Chrlstma,s day with Charlie Chaplin In Limelight." The theatre Is managed by Itay Parker, mayor of Brentwood, who manages the Skyline Drive-In In the summer . earlier, . the Normandy Theatre building and Its parking lot have been .sold and will be converted Into a super market. Stories appearing In the St LouLs dally papers Sunday i2Ii reported the .sale price "at more than $50,000" and revealed also that a provision of the .sale Is that the building Is not to be u.sed as a motion picture or theotre in the future. The property was owned by the Normandy Theatre, Inc., a subsidiary of the Wehrenberg Theatre circuit. Word comes from Mount Vernon, Ind., that Louis Davis of St. Louis, general manager of the Vernon Tlieatre in Mount Vernon, has named Gilbert Skelton and John Yaggl, t)Oth of Mount Vernon and longtime employes of the theatre, to be its Joint resident managers. They succeed Cos Ofer, for 16 years associated with the Vernon Theatre, who resigned recently to Join the advertising department of the Evansville Courier-Press at Evansville, Ind. The United .\rtists exchange looks spick and span with a repainting Job recently completed. Fern green is the color scheme in the outer office. Manager F. J. Lee's office is done in regency green, while the salesmen's quarters are done in chartreuse. The Venetian blinds have been retaped and cleaned. Gas heating will be in.stalled during the holidays. . . . . . . Exhibitors along Filmrow included Bernard Temborius, Breese; Bob Johason, Fairfield; Wayne Smith, Egyptian Drive-In, Herrin, Jimmy and Joe Goldfarb, Alton Frisina, Taylorville, buyer for the FVisina Amusement Co., Springfield, went to Florida for the Christmas holidays Harry Haas, Paramount manager, left for Los Angeles to spend the holidays with his family. He returns January 2. . . . The son of Amos Leonard, Warner Bros, salesman, came in to spend Christmas with the family David B. Barrett, son of this tradepaper correspondent, shipped out of a California port bound for "somewhere beyond the horizon." Promised his mother to write when he gets there. He is in the army. Art LaPlantc, Columbia, visited various towns in the interest of the Will Rogers Memorial fund drive . . Bill Earle, manager. . National Theatre Supply, and salesmen Bill Jr. and Harry Hoff attended the recent National Theatre Supply district sales meeting at the Gayoso hotel in Memphis. Department store sales In St. Louis the week ended December 14 ran 13 per cent more than those for the similar week in 1951 on a dollar volume basis, the St. Louis Federal Reserve bank reports. The district as a whole gained 10 per cent and the national increase was only 3 per cent. Curious friends along the Filmrow and in other local industries have asked me how the Barrett Formula compared with the final official results of the national elections held on November 4. The formula, which has hit every presidential election since 1880, this year indicated EiAenhower would carry 38 state, with 431 electoral voles and that hlJt popular vote would be 33.815^90 to 27587,485 for Governor Stfven.soii, with 594.925 ballots cost for others or spoiled The final results tts reported by the AP show Elsenhower carried 38 states with 422 electorlal votes and had a popular vote of 33,927.549 to 27J1 1.316 for Stevenson and 308996 votes for others The Prairie AmuM-ment Co, reportedly Is considering construction of a drive-ln to serve the Jerseyvllle area . personnel of the local Warner Bros, office had .some chilly moments December 8-11 as the landlord installed a new oil-burning furnace. A numljer of small electric heaters were pressed Into service during the emergency. Arch Hosier, St. Louis Theatre Supply Co., returned from a visit to Los Angeles. While there he took in a performance of "Bwana Devil" and reports that It has been doing great business, despite the unfavorable comments of newspaper critics. Arch also enjoyed a submarine trip while on the coast . . . Desmond Slattery, motion picture actor and producer, and his Irish wolfhound, Faugan Baulla, the largest dog in the world, were here December 12 ., manager of Fanchon & Marco's Fox. is looking for locaUtes who played in the bands of the late John Philip Sousa .so that they can be his special guests at the local showings of "Stars and Stripes Forever." The Empress Playhouse, operated by An- . sell Bros., will be dark until December 30, to give members of the resident stage company a holiday period after 11 straight weeks of plays. The second half of the .season will open with "Kiss and Tell," featuring Edith . Elections have Fellows and Dickie Moore . been ordered by the National Labor Relations Board to determine the collective bargaining agencies for the engineers, projectionists, stagehands, camera and soundmen employed by radio station KSD and television station KSD-TV, both affiliates of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The AFL Electrical workers union and Local 6 of the AFL stage employes & operators union are seeking control of the film camera men, soundmen and projectionists employed by the stations. Edmond North Pens 'Proud Ones' Edmond North has been set to pen 20th- Fox's "The Proud Ones," from the original western by Verne Athenas. •SELECT" FOUNTAIN SYRUPS DRINK DISPENSERS Select Drink Inc. 4210 W. Florisjanf Ave. St. Louis, 15, Mo. Phone Mulberry S289 EVERYTHING FOR THE THEATRE SL Louis Theatre Supply Company Arch Hosier 3310 Oljro Sirool, St. Loui« 3. Mo. Telepiione lEiforfon 7974 BOXOFFICE December 27, 1952 63