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. . . RKO . .

. . . RKO . . FrankMead,60, . . Mrs. I KANSAS CITY \ . . . Josephine J>on Walker, Warner exploiteer, returned from a trip through the territory . . Helen . Thomas. RKO booker, was off work for several days due to iUness . . . Al Kolitz, RKO district manager, Denver, was at the local exchange salesmen arrived in town to stay until after the first of next year, although Chuck Brenner journeyed to Great Bend, Kas., for the Christmas holidays Clear, secretary in the same office, says she bowled 602 in three games for Hartman's in the Pilmrow Women's Bowling league—with a slight handicap, of course. Ed Hartman, Motion Picture Booking Agency, was recovering after an operation at St. Luke's hospital. He is not expected to be back to work until early next month . . . Many of the exchanges were gaily decorated for the holidays . . . Jay Wooten. Allied Independent Theatre Owners president, was in from Hutchinson. Kas., for several Williams, Royal, King City, days . . . Dave Mo., was a Row visitor. M. B. Smith and Jack Braunagel, Commonwealth Theatres, returned from Memphis after holding a one-day drive-in school for exhibitors in that area. Theatremen from as far away as Dallas, Tex., turned up for the SELL YOUR THEATRE PRIVATELY Largest coverage in U.S. No "Net" list-l jngs. Highest reputation for know-howl and fair dealing. 30 years experience in-F eluding exhibitiofT, Ask Better Business Bu-f reau, or our customers. Know your broker. ARTHUR LEAK Theatre Specialists! 3305 Caruth, Dallas, Texas Telephones: EM 0238 • EM 7489 CONFIDENTIAL CORRESPONDENCE INVITED Jt IfMiA StWUX SCncx 1899 STEBBINS THEATRE Equipment Co. KANSAS OTr a, MO- .> r r' r' Carpets — Door Mats Complete Installation Service— Free Estimates R. D. MANN CARPET CO. 9J8-930-932 Cantrol, Victor 1171, Konsai City, Mo. 4SS Paul Brown BIdg., Chestnut 4499, St. Louli Satisfaction — Always MISSOURI THEATRE SUPPLY COMPANY L. I. KIMBRICL. Mooagor Phon> BAIIimoro 3070 MS W. ISib Eosiai Cily B. Mo. affair. Bob Shelton. Commonwealth vicepresident, arrived in time to attend the school after making a tour of company .situation.s various parts of Arkansas. About 2(X) persons were in attendance, including both circuit and independent operators and owners. Lloyd Morris, Commonwealth division manager. Great Bend, Kas., was at the home office. Bob Shelton announced that two floors are to be added on to the present Commonwealth headquarters building here. Work is already under way . Ben Marcus was released from Menorah hospital after several days . longtime exhibitor in Kingman, Kas., died recently in a Wichita hospital after a long illness . . . The local MGM branch set a new office record on shipments of short subjects for the week ending December 17 . . . Eugene Jacobs, Paramount salesman, and wife spent the holidays in Texas and Oklahoma . . . The Paramount office party was held Monday (22). Shirley Cranston, secretary to Columbia Manager Tom Baldwin, left Friday (26) for San Francisco for an indefinite visit . . Seen . along Filmrow were Mrs. John Wehner and son, Royal, Rossville, Kas.; Earl Presley, Globe, Savannah, Mo.; Ed Harris. Bandbox, Neosha, Mo.; George Nescher, Rio, Valley Falls, Kas.; T. A. Spurgeon, Moderne, Stanberry, Mo.; Sol Frank, Coldwater, Kas,; Mrs. A. E. Jarboe, Ritz, Cameron, Mo., and Curtis Musgrave. Wamega, Kas. The KMTA board will hold its next meeting January 14 at 12:15 at the Phillips hotel . . . Ray Copeland, AA manager, spent three days in Wichita on business . . . Frank Thomas and Bob Carnie, AA salesman, will be in the office until January 5 . . . Bill Brooker, RKO publicist, rented the services of a circus elephant to parade around town plugging the opening of "Blackbeard the Pirate," which bowed in at the Missouri here on December 24. Lester Zucker, Universal district manager, returned from Hollywood after a meeting with company officials . . . Chick Evens, 20th-Fox exploiteer, was in Milwaukee working on "My Pal Gus" and "Stars and Stripes Forever" H. E. Jameyson. Commonwealth . . . president, Wichita, was in town for the company Dave Gold, 20th-Fox sales party . . . manager, acknowledged his thanks to the many exhibitors who made the J. R. Neger testimonial drive a success. The drive was completed on December 27. . . U-I has scheduled a Amy Sinclair, secretary to Republic manger R. F. Withers, left for a two-week vacation in New York . two-day meeting in Denver January 5, 6 of branch managers and salesmen in this . . Craig CuUey, district. Foster Blake, western division sales manager, and Ray Moon, assistant sales manager, wUl attend . Medicine Lodge, Kas.; Frank Weary, Richmond, Mo.; Ward Spielman, Olathe, Kas.. and J. Leo in LOBBY CHAT — Douglas Lightner of the Commonwealth Wareham Theatre at Manhattan, Kas., hosted Tyrone Power and Judith Anderson at the theatre for a matinee appearance recently. Lightner called on the two actors shortly after they arrived for a night appearance at Kansas State college in "John Brown's Body." Power and Lightner are shown above in the Wareham lobby discussing Power's new pictures. Hayob, Mary Lou, Marshall, town booking and buying. Mo., were in Tom Edwards jr., son of Tom Edwards of Edwards & Plumlee Theatres. Farmington, Mo., was busy passing out cigars on the birth of a son named Tom Edwards III. born December 8. It is Tom Edwards' first grandson . . . Colleges and high schools in the district covered by the local 20th-Fox branch were notified of the 20th-Fox band contest, open to bands of 50 pieces or more, in connection with the release of "Stars and Stripes Forever." Schools are to make a record of the song "Stars and Stripes Forever." and one other John PhiMp Sousa selection. Selections are to be sent to the nearest marine recruiting office. One college and one high school winner will be picked in each state, and the 96 finalist records will be sent to New York City where the two fii'st place bands will be chosen by thi'ee judges. Ti'ophies and albums of Sousa's music will be awarded the winners. Herb Carnes has returned to manage the Kimo Theatre here, replacing Abdol Khodad, who resigned. Carnes has been a member of the Dickinson organization for about 13 years. He managed the Kimo about a year and a half ago, and returned after handling various other houses in the circuit. AUTOMATIC BOXES IMMEDIATE DELIVERY L & L POPCORN CO. 116 West 18th St. Kansas City, Mo. d ;iiiittiiral !0 ?IM' " ietliesoiinii jeatie. Delias ^ *« "" tons Ifitisi fadis'Mi Success s •• (JiJMSl E*i'» JETROIT-A s turned in Efs pla.vins % iBsis. acci M siajfi tor .-iactorj thai ai, Woo(is :«! Detroit: osre for a tii iffiartji 'issm, of tl !2esra13pi ! lie precedii musml sta esse L, L' llMidwe CnCAGO-J ill Cliitago plans for pi Kne in color iMl miisit ii sing liincheo s: Sitional !«el, lasky sa • asall-Amt ijers with i isia and H 'i parochial 'M the thi jltirsTak 3) BUD, I Hel Bud I ftoiiT.Dus Me fork It Its, but i saiioji. CENTRAL SHIPPING & INSPECTION BUREAU 1 20 West 1 7th Street Kansas City, Mo. Telephone: GRand 2094 PRODUCE A BETTER LIGHT IN ANY SIZE THEATRE OR DRIVE-IN\ . . MORE ECONOMICALLY! CARBONS, INC. • BOONTON, N. J. BOXOFFICE : ; December 27, 1952

. . The . . . . The Theatregoers IJenton, 111., nspect FMW Capitol BENTCJN. 11.1. riu-iiti.fd.i 1,1 ilniloii made per.soiml lii.s|)eftlon.s of the techiUiiil jand .structural chuiiKCs made by the Fox circuit at It-s Capitol Tlicatre here. jThe theatre waa open for the In.spcctlon from 11 a. m. to 4 p. m. and Dale Thornhlll. re.sllent manager here for the circuit, wa« on (.md to greet the crowd. A series of short ubJccUs and cartoons were shown to demonrate the sound and projection equipment of lie theatre. Fox Midwest spent thousands of dollars In emodcllng and Improving the Capitol. lUnong the Improvements Is a cry room Mjulppcd with special speakers and air conlUloiilng. Bright colors, modernistic designs ind modern lighting are other features. PMW ilso operates the 600-seat Star here. Vadis' Multiple Booking s Success in Detroit rom Mideast Edition DErrROIT—A composite gross of $50,000 vas turned In for the week ending Saturlay. Nov. 22, by five subsequent run suburban louses playing "Quo Vadis" on an exclusive irea basis, according to Ftank J. Downey, nanager for MGM. Tlie returns proved so ati.>-factory that four of the houses—the Mel, i*ishcr. Woods and Norwest. operated by Jnited Detroit Theatres—decided to hold the (Icture for a full second week, including the lig Thanksgiving holiday. Opening of the second week at the four p^houses was 73 per cent of the figure rolled up \a the preceding opening Sunday, indicatunusual staying power in this - booking. I esse L. Lasky Is Speaker \\ Midwest Band Clinic CHICAGO—Je.-se L. La,sky. lilni producer, " Vras in Chicago last weekend and di.scu.ssed lis plans for producing "Big Brass Band," a icture in color telling the history of public ihool music in America. He .spoke at the losing luncheon of the sixth annual Midest National Band clinic in the Sherman otel. Lasky said his "dream" was to organan all-American high school band of 110 layers with musicians from all 48 states, laska and Hawaii. Eight hundred public nd parochial school music educators atended the three-day meeting. lurglars Take Flashlights RED BUD, ILL.—Burglars, who broke Into he Red Bud Theatre the night of November S, obtained seven flashlights, according to !layton T. Dusenberre. ownei: of the theatre. ; table fork was used to force the latch on lie front door of the theatre. Inside the thetre the burglars also forced open the ticket th window and the lock on a door leading pstairs, but a steel cabinet that contained he theatre's cash resisted their efforts to et into it. thewEtre equipment 442 N. ILLINOIS ST., INDIANAPOLIS, IND. "Everything for the Theatre" OXOFFICE December 27, 1952 Plaques on New Carillon Pay Tribute To Lawrence Showman S. E. Schwahn LAWKENCK. KAK A lustliin tribute to the memory of the lat« showman and civic leader, Stanley E. Schwahn, has boon unveiled In the new University of World War II Memorial campanile and carillon here. Tlic tribute, fitting in that the Idea of the carillon and campanile which. In a large measure, was fathered by the late theatre executive. consLsts of four bronze plaques purcha.sed with contributions made by show business associates and others In both Kansas and Missouri. The plaques, measuring two feet wide and about five feet long, boar the names of the donors of the 53 bells for the carillon and the names of the persons whom the bells commemorate. The plaques were given by friends of Schwahn, who was Lawrence Commonwealth Theatre Corp. president and manager from 1930 until his death in 1948. The theatreman, always extremely active in civic affairs and in matters concerning the university, became Intensely interested in the Kansas university carillon at the time the campaign for funds was being started. He had seen the Bok Tower in Florida while attending an Orange INDIANAPOLIS The Rosedale at EvansviUe, of)erated by Harry and James Kornblum, has been remodeled with a new front and boxoffice . . Jay Goldberg and his wife of Realart, Cincinnati, spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bohn of the Indianapolis office . . . Ellis Bennett has taken over the Harper at Medaryville . . . Republic employes held a Christmas party December 19 at Winter Gardens. Gifts were exchanged and a turkey dinner was served. Dorothy Tracy and Blanche Williams had charge of the party. H. W. Boyd. Princess, Cayuga, was chairman of the citizens committee for the Christmas party given for needy children . . . Joe Douglas, son of Harvey Douglas of the Dana at Dana, entertained theatre patrons with a musical on the new Hammond organ recently heating unit at the Wayne installed . . . The Theatre, operated by the Mailers circuit. Fort Wayne, blew up Monday morning and did slight damage to the auditorium . . . RKO employes held a Christmas party and turkey dinner December 18 at the Variety Club. Irving Dreeben is planning a trip to New York City to spend the holiday with his The Hoosier. Shelburn. is closed for wife . . . The Vivian Carlysle. reopened redecorating . . . Oscar Fine, Evans- December 23 . . . ville, is visiting his son, who is ill in Florida. He has been in F>oor health for some time . Bud Washburn and wife were slightly injured in an auto accident. Washburn operates the Ritz, Rockville. The car was demolished. Bowl :!/-;. t)flwetn KU and OeorKiii 1' He wa-s one of the : 'i*t first bcll-rlni{tr.> contributors of tlOO or more for the carillon. Schwahn died before the campanile was built, .so hLi Lawrence friends, theatre managers and owners In Kansas and Mls- .sourl and Kan.^as City Ftlmrow awociatcs contributed nearly $1,400 toward purchase of the name plaques In his memory. The face of the tablets resembles leather and beside each name of the bell donor and honoree Is an impression of a .imall bell. Each bell note is marked by a plaque. Schwahn. who started in the Industry In 1923 with the old Vitagraph Co. In Kansas City, was highly regarded In the motion picture Industry and among local biLslne&smen for his many civic activities and for his business acumen. Much of his success in the theatre world was attributed to his unusual ability to handle civic matters and his Interest in the city and college. This work has been carried on ably since Schwahn's death by his wife Malsle. who takes an active part In civic affairs as well as college activities in her capacity as public relations official with Commonwealth Theatres here. . . . Allied Theatre George R. Anderson, booker at Warner Bros., is on the sick list Owners of Indiana will hold a board meeting January 6 at the Hotel Lincoln . Variety Club of Indianapolis will elect Its officers for 1953 Monday i29i. A new location for the club is being sought . . . Noema Lattlmore. contract clerk at Warner Bras., has been admitted to the Will Rogers Memorial hospital at Lake Saranac. N. Y. The Allied Theatre Owners of Indiana will hold an election of officers January 6 . . . Trueman Rembusch. retiring president of ATOI. is working a Movietime tour in reverse. He will fly two people from his town to Hollywood at the end of a coupon deal now under way . . . Walter Wolverton. manager at the Circle, is experimenting with single features and double bills to stimulate the Circle's matinee trade. . . Visitors Biller Florence Kelt's father, 20th-Fox, died buying and booking for the Venro Theatre, Charleston, Ind., has been taken over by E. L. Orensteln of Marengo . seen on Filmrow were J. P. Griffls, Boswell. Boswell; Matt Schneldler, Hartford, Hartford: K. Maurice, Wabash, Clinton; Nick Paikos, Diana, Tipton, and 0. A, Marshall. Darlington. Newly elected officers of the Colosseum of Motion Picture Salesmen will take oath of office January 1. They are Herman Hallberg. 20th-Fox. president; FVank Warren. Universal, vice-president; Jack Meadow. RKO. treasurer, and re-elected to office, Kenneth Dotterer. 20th-Fox. Purchase 'Victoria Regina' "Victoria Regina." a play written by Laurence Housman concerning the life of Britain's Queen Victoria, will be produced by John Houseman. 64-A