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High Ratings Awarded ;

High Ratings Awarded ; of 6 Films Reviewed :,EW YORK—The high average of thi-ee out of nine films reviewed in the December 1 issue of joint estimates of current motion pictures won ratings as outstanding pictures of their types. These are "Stars and Stripes Forever" (20th-Foxi and "Road to BaU" (Para I. both approved for family audiences, and "Eight Iron Men" (Coli, recommended for adults and young people. There are two other family pictures, "Ride the Man Down" (Rep) and "South Pacific Trail" (Repi. the latter also found acceptable for children's programs. Other adult-young people pictures listed are "Against All Flags" (U-I). "The Black Castle" (U-I) and "My Pal Gus" i20th-Fox). "Invasion, U.S.A." (Coli was rated for adults. The semimonthly publication, which goes to thousands of clubwomen, is prepared by the Film Estimate Board of National Organizations in cooperation with the Motion Picture Ass'n of America. 'Lawless Breed' Marking 50th Year of Westerns NEW YORK—Release of "The Lawless Breed," Technicolor film directed by Raoul Walsh, marks the 50th anniversary of westerns, according to Universal-International. Texas was the scene of 16 large-city openings December 11, 12 and 13, with other territorial openings to follow. The picture is set for general release in January. According to U-I "The Great Train Robbery" was the first outdoor drama in 1903. A 12-page, four-color booklet with scenes from the film and background stories is being used in the exploitation effort. TV Marathons Get $655,108 For Cerebral Palsy Fund NEW YORK—Pledges totaling $655,108 were received follow'ing two television marathon programs for the United Cerebral Palsy fund. An 18-hour program over TV stations of the American Broadcasting Co. raised $553,527 and a 16-hour program over WKRC-TV, Cincinnati, rai.sed the balance. More than 2,000 volunteers and about 900 telephone operators took part. The performers included Dennis James, Dorothy Lamour, Jane Picken.s, Yul Brynn and Maria Riva and a film made by President-elect Ei.senhower before he left for Korea. ^4 A/rf

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