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. . James DETROIT p-.i'l Bradley's new Mount Vernon flower shop was depicted in a nice article in the building section of the Sunday Free Press. He has remodeled a former church very cleverly for his use . . . DUlon M. (Dee Krepps) was an interested visitor to the booth at Filmrow projection studio, watching Phil Schare perform Monday. Nightinrale notes: Charles Whitaker's 256 is expected to stand as season high for his division, but Roy Thompson's 238 is slated . . Captain Gil Light to be beaten . Local 199 team is right on the says way to the the top. Don Lewis is having better luck with . . Jack Lindenthal, Carl his new thumb hole, following his accident, James Power is plugging and that helps . . . that Akins "See a movie twice a week" slogan, too . . Bea Douville can roll 165 in . practice, but not in league play. Witness was Iris Gagnon . Bewersdorf and Mel Donlon played Santa Claus to Secretary Akins by advising they will be back to bowl. Now all they want is Henry Rudy. Floyd Chrysler reports excellent business for "Flat Top" at Midland . . . Nell Hogue, formerly with Repu'olic and past president of lATSE B25. is still convalescing from a Falk, long illness . . . Fred Dickely, Altec chief, just back from Minneapolis, headed for Denver for a week, but he planned to be in Detroit Mike independent for Christmas . . . booker, is in Mount Carmel Mercy hospital for observation A. Lassanante, . head of Gaycoin Distributors, was host to the entire staff of the organization and their families Saturday (13) at a dinner, followed by the annual Christmas and bonus party at the Whittier hotel. Greetings of the season of peace to all our friends in show business, and the many who sent personal messages—Jack and Gladys Smukler, with a vision of the three Wise Men: A. Milo DeHaven, one-time manager of the Belmont and Grand, and Mrs. De- Haven, a shining treat from Waterville. Ohio: Phyllis and Al Dezel, warm greetings from the old-fashined stove: Herman Cohen, For Your Protection . . • • BUY NOW! Order RCA In-Car Speakers now for expansion of present facilities, or to replace obsolete or old In-Car Speakers . . . and as spares for future replacements. The RCA In-Car Speaker is first in its field ... in better quality ... in longer life with lowest maintenance costs ... in popularity, too. (More RCA In-Car Speakers are used in Drive-ins than any other make.) Order your requirements today. ERNIE FORBES THEATRE SUPPLY 214 West Montcalm Blvd. Detroit, Michigan WOodward 1-1122 HANDY

. . Marjie . . . Lester Cattle Town' Is Best n Cincinnati at 105 CINCINNATI Grosses reflected a blR lump In first rim houses, with the best of jhe wofk recorded by "Cattle Town" at the Jrand with 105 per cent. (Avcrogo l> 100) lb „. Bbec opilol OulpofI Tho In Hour Moloyo o> )1 (UA) (MGM). Apach* 100 War "•5 Smoko iMCM' 100 i^ rand— Cottle Town (WB), Lady Potinxd (Rep).IOS ^ Blocc- - Hongmon'i Knot iCol) 95 Irosses Hit Low in Cleveland; Lli Baba' Best at 100 CLEVELAND -Grosses hit a new low here. « Jthough weather was clear and deparlment 'iX ires generally were open until 9 p. m., iisAloppers went straight home Instead of seekf». ig entertainment. n»n—Son of All Bobo lU-l). plus six cortoons . . 1 00 Ippodromc—Mutiny (UA); Th« Ring (UA) 6S >wcr Mall—The Sky Is Rod (Rcalart) 80 hio—Tho Prisoner ot Zondo (MGM), Sih d. t. wk 70 ilacc—Tho Raiders lU-l); Tho Stolon Foco (LP) 60 otc— Ride the Mon Down (Rep) 55 illman- The Savage iParo), 2nd d. t wk 70 iwer— Captive Women (RKO); Tho Whip Hond ^^ (RKO) 90 ^^ Secause of You' Paces letroit at 110 DETROIT—Theatre business was way own as expected this week, and very spotty. operators tended to concentrate on holdovers. iving stronger new product for the holiday . •ade. doms— Ivonhoe (MGM), 10th wk -The Thief (UA); Pork Row (UA), 2nd wk. . 50 80 odtson—Cry, the Be!oved Country (UA); Pool of London (U-l) 90 ichigon—Because of You ,U-I); Horizons West (U-l) no alms-State—Operation Secret iWB); Mr. Walkle v.. "' Talkie (LP) 95 nitcd Artists— Bloodhounds of Broodway (20th- Fox); Something for the Birds (20th-Fox), 2nd wk 50 5 ANYWHERE UPHOLSTERING, REPAIRING THEATRE SEATS Prompf, Reliable Service. IS Years Know-How. SERVICE SEATING CO. Mkl. JOHN HEIDT 1507 W. KIrby Detroit 8, Mich. Phone TYIer 7-8015 See Us About Planning CONSTRUCTING & EQUIPPING DRIVE-IN THEATRES T^~~^^ THIATRE tQUIPMENT CO. ^iMfjjP^ 106 Mlthigan St., N.W. f^^^f GfonJ Ropids 2, Mich. To). Cleadale 4-81S2>NI«kls t Soadoys 3-24U =EXPERT= Upholstering. RepaiTing. Reananqing & Installing. THEATRE SEATS Ovei 25 years experience Immediate service anywhore DONOHUE SEATING SERVICE 807 North Wilson Royal Oak. Mich. Phone Lincoln S-S720 OXOFFICE December 27, 1952 CINCINNATI prank W. Hum Jr.. president of Cliiclnnutl Independent Exhibitors, ^ubtnltted to the city council a rcqueal that theatre.s be exempt from the 3 per cent ^^^- " —I city mlmLsaion.H tax. A ^^^^^^ number other ex- ^^^^^^^ hibltor members of the ^^K orKunluitlon nccom- ^m panted Huvs to the ^B council meeting. The ^^k councU'.s finance com- A mlttee took the matter ^k^^^ under advisement. It ^^HjjjpjM^^^ wa.s told by the com- ^M "'^ ^^B mlttee that In the ^^1 ^ ^^^1 few months seven more motion picture theatre.s Frank W. Ilus.s Jr. had closed It was said that in 1951 the tax from all purpase.s totaled $250,000. of which theatres contributed $104.- 000 to the city. Mary Cordes has taken over duties as branch managers secretary at Paramount, replacing Lillian Aherne, who is the new cashier .. . Gladys Smiglewicz, Paramount biller who resigned several' years ago due to illness, has again resumed her Job as biller . . . Pete Turlukis has lea.sed the Idle Hour Theatre. Carthage, and plans to reopen the house soon. It was formerly operated by Mrs. R. H. Corbett. Charles Palmer. Columbia salesman, his wife and daughter are spending the Christmas holidays in Albuquerque. N. M. . . . Paul "Bud" Wessel entered the Good Samaritan hospital for treatment. Wessel is .secretarytreasurer of States Film Service, Inc. . . . National Theatre Supply Co. installed new projectors and lamp houses in the Liberty at Covington. Ky., owned by the Ernest Realty Co. NTS also will install new lamp rectifiers in the Alhambra Theatre, Dayton, owned by Bert Fiala. ' Film exchange staffs have been enjoying Christmas parties. MGM club held its at the Terrace Plaza hotel, with a dinner for all the members, and Santa Claus distributing gifts. U-I held its party December 15 at the Beverly Hills Country club, and 20th-Fox on December 20 at the Terrace Plaza, with cocktails and dinner. Columbia employes enjoyed a turkey supper in the office on Tuesday (23). Visitors on the Row included J. M. Brandenburg, South Shore, Ky.: John Gregory and Jim Herb, Dayton; A. J. Sexton jr.. Ironton; Carl Hagle, Fort Recovery; H. L. Pierce, Granville; Hymie Banks. Williamson, W. Va.; W. T. Cain jr., Paintsville, Ky.; Lou Wetzel and Alen Warth, Dayton; Fred Helwig. Charleston, W. Va.; Joe Joseph. Salem, W. Va,; C. E. Harvey. New Boston, and Kenneth Williams, Paintsville. Ky. Fred Helwig and Alan Gunter of Charleston, W. Va.. have purchased a site for erection of a new drive-in between Kanawha City and Marmet. W. Va. . and Eddie Nick Honerkamp and their two children are visiting here over the holidays from Florida and are staying with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Williams. Williams is UA city salesman. Mark Cummins, who owns drive-ins at Stockton, Hamilton and Xenia. Ohio, and in Georgetown, Ky., has taken over operation of the Gardrn Drlve-In at St. Petersburg. Fla. Rovrnfeld of Charle.iton, W Va., hax left for a three-month Atay In Miami Beach, Fla. Jay Ooldberc of Reulurt spent the weekend In IiKlluiiupolLs conferring with Helen and Joe Bone, who maniute the Rcalart office there. Goldberg ha.-! acquired dLilrlbutlon rlgbUi for the all-Negro picture, "Miracle In Harlem." and the recent production, "Rage of Burlesque." "Battles of Chief Pontlac" opened In the Grand here Wednesday "24p and "Cairo Road" Is at the Kcarse, Charleston. W. Va Detroit Exchange Unions Elect Officers for 1953 DETROIT—Both Detroit exctiange locaLi. functioning under lATSE charters, have elected new officers for 1953. In both jurisdictions, negotiatioas are reported now under way for new contracts covering members, but details have not been di.sclo.sed. Albert Champagne of 20th-Fox wa.s reelected business agent and acting pre.sldent of front office Local F25. The union has been without an elected president as such for several years, and Champagne, as agent, acts in that capacity as well. Other new officers are financial secretary. Ann Rogel. General Film Service; recording .secretary, Thelma Auten, 20th-Fox; treasurer, Margaret Studebaker, Republic, and trustees, Eric Clarry, RKO, and Clarence Bertnlaume, MGM. In Local B25, Nellie Arnold of National Screen Service was elected president, a post to which Nell Hogue, now retired because of ill health, was elected last year. Other new officers are vice-president, Roy Kendall, National Film Service; business agent, Fae Heady, Paramount; recording secretary, Alice Shelnic, Columbia; treasurer, Elizabeth Lehr. Allied Films; financial secretary, Vessie Kolb, Republic, and seventh board member, Mary Zemla. RKO. Navy Boosts 'Flat Top' DETROIT—A special navy tieup resulted in excellent business for Mrs. William Cassidy's Mecca at Midland, Mich., for "Flat Top." Tieup was made with the naval air base at Grosse He. 130 miles away, and 20 officers from the station made the trip to Midland for the opening. Arrangements were made for a special display of 20mm cannon and an unusual cutaway version of a Jet engine, both rarely seen in a small upstate town. Angelo Vitale Succximbs CLEVELAND — Angelo Vitale. 66. well known local orchestra leader, died recently in Huron Road hospital. He is sur\-ived by his wife, Celia. a daughter Carol, and a sister and brother. In the da>'s of silent movies, Vitale and his orchestra were featured attractions at the leading theatres here. He also scored the pictures on the silent screen. With the advent of sound movies, Vitale specialized in hotel and night club music. Nothing 1$ sporcd in patient's core ot omu*emcnt industry's WILL ROGERS MEMORIAL HOS- PITAL. 83