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. . Chicago's . . The CHICAGO pUmrow buzzed with Christmas activity and film exchanges and eqiupment companies held parties. Jack Kirsch. president of Allied of Illinois, and his helpers greeted exhibitors, exchange employes and the press at a Yule party in the AlUed meeting rooms. They enjoyed cocktails, refreshments and entertainment from noon until the wee hours. All exchanges held parties, gifts were distributed and refreshments served. They included MGM, Paramount, Allied-Artists, Warners, U-I. Columbia, Capitol, 20th-Fox and RKO. Irving Mack passed out gifts to all and refreshments were served. Harold Abbott of Abbott Equipment Co. and his wife greeted guests at his headquarters on the Row. Chief barker, greeted Variety members and guests. The Valencia Theatre in Evanston presented its Yuletide Film Festival, with a series of films that included several screen classics and novelties for the youngsters . . . Abbott and Costello took Chicago by storm during their one day appearance at the B&K United Artists to boost the opening of "Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd." They drew capacity crowds. Essanjay Films appointed Jack H. Harris of Jack Harris Productions, Philadelphia, as zone manager of that city, and Lewis Hanna of Hanna Theatre Service; Pittsburg, as zone manager there Tom Letcher, assistant . . . to Norman Pyle, midwest MGM publicity head, has been transferred to Minneapolis to take over a publicity post there . . . James Fraught has been appointed manager of the "The Quiet Man" Bryn Mawr . breaking records in neighborhood theatres. It has played 27 repeat performances in theatres of the Chicago area. pends on the theatre's film commitments 500,000 public school pupils began a long Christmas vacation December 22. They will be free until January 5. Vacation also began for 240,000 parochial school pupils. Neighborhood theatres are putting on special shows for the children and have made tieups with merchants to distribute gifts and refreshments. joins the Manta & Rose theatre chain in the same capacity . Lamar at LaPark and the Pal in Palestine have closed until January 1 . . . The Gerry Moburg Co., merchandise distributors, arranged with the Balaban & Balaban & Katz held its annual Christmas party for the families of employes and guests on Saturday afternoon in the Gold room of the Congress hotel. Over 1,000 attended and enjoyed entertainment and refreshments. GifUs were given to all of the children and wives of managers who attended. Jack Rose and Alex Manta of Indiana-Illinois circuit held a party for employes in the Ruppert room of the Blackstone hotel. The Essaness circuit. Alliance circuit and H&E Balaban chain also held parties. The Variety Club of Illinois held its party in the Gold room of the Congress hotel Monday night and a huge crowd attended. "Tlie I Don't Care Girl" was previewed and other entertainment and refreshments followed. Johnny Jones, the new DDCIIT MPKDM STAGE EQUIPMENT COMPANY rvcRTTHiMC ron the stacc auditorium • lobby BOX CrnCt . 132« Cr«nd Ave. K«nk««, Ctly 6. A. V. CAUGER Ser^ ^^. Merchant Trailers for sure-fire merchant-exhibitor Satisfaction Chica.go filmmaker Joe Kaufman will not desert film production despite his new job as director of operations with Cinerama. He says the new process eventually will be his medium. At present Cinerama is keyed for only one picture a year. Kaufman will head for the coast as soon as he makes a deal here for the presentation of the new medium. Exact date for the opening in Chicago de- Regina Bartlett, United-Artists booking department, has resigned after ten years. She Katz chain for ten holiday shows at ten residential district theatres and tied in with a giant holiday gift night at the ten house The company had a store tieup in each neigl borhood in which the shows were staged. Balaban & Katz reports a tremendous sa of Christmas gift books of theatre ticket selling for $1, $2.50 and $5. They are on sa: at Loop and Neighborhood houses . . . Entei tainers appearing in Chicago theatres, niglr clubs and on TV and radio shows performe Christmas day at James Petrillo's annus dinner for blind musicians in the Blackstor, hotel. Petrillo was host to 150 bUnd musician Harry VValders, former RKO salesman, hf opened an office at 1255 So. Wabash Avi to distribute Italian films . . Charles Ra . Bell has taken over the Pix at Blue Mourn formerly owned by Byers Jordan . . . Mai Roth, Capitol Film Exchange, is distributing 1953 calendars with all of the trade phon Mae Tinee, Chicag numbers listed . . . Tribune film editor, picked the following film as the best show-n in Chicago during the lat month. "Eight Iron Men," "Five Angles o Murder," "The Prisoner of Zenda" and "Th Plymouth Adventure . . Jack Hunt, manager of Barger Drive-In, Chicago, is now in Sarasota, Fla.. where h makes his winter home . The La Tijer Theatre has been sold for approximatel HANDY

inancing of Drive-ins Basy in Minnesota from ricffli Central Edition MINNEAPOLIS—The future of film exhlbllon may be enshrouded In uncertainty for Dme Indlvldual.s and groups Inside and out- ;. Ide the Industry, but that fact Isn't mukliiK difficult to raise Investment funds for rivc-ln theatre construction In tills terrlory. Owners of conventional theatres themselves nd "outsiders" hereabouts. seeminKly unfrald as to what the big bad wolf television Ul do to the ozoners. are showing a surprLs- )g willingness to put money into outdoor leatrc projects. As a result, a considerable . lunber of such projects are now under con- .; ruction or in the planning stage throughout le territory. This situation seems all the more noteorthy to industry leaders In view of the fact lat, aside from any effects that the future svelopment of TV may have on exhibition of ery .sort, the ozoner projects in this terriiry Involve even more .speculative risk than other areas because of the shortness of the ason and more than normal weather unftainties. Most of this area's drive-ins operate a Bximum of five months a year, and during ose five months the nights frequently are Id and conducive to staying indoors. With bulk of business coming on week-ends. iny Fridays. Saturdays or Sundays may tell near disaster for the boxoffice, it is tinted out. A total of two months of favor- »le weather during the operating season is insidered better than average. kouros Speaks in London )n Far East Market ^m» im Eastern Edition LONDON—Opportunities for a "fabulous" wket for American and British pictures in ^pan and a rapidly expanding market in donesia and India were outlined by Spyros Skouras, president of 20th Century-Fox, executives of the J. Arthur Rank Organitlon at a luncheon given by the Circuits Uiagement Ass'n December 18. "Theatre television is the greatest hope In domestic market and will increase the- •e receipts to three times what theatres ve done since the end of World War II," Auras predicted. ommunity Sing at Loew's m Mideast Edition AKRON—Loew's Akron is reviving the mmunity sing, and Chic Herr has been gaged to play the theatre's $40,000 Wurzer organ, which was a feature of the use for many years up to 1949. There will a ten-minute organ program before each owing of the feature on Thursdays, Friys, Saturdays and Sundays, with slides Shed on the screen to give the patrons the |ht words—if they care to sing. yctn Foy on 'Morgan's Raiders' Production reins on Warner.s' "Morgan's liders" have been handed to Bryan Foy. ".6 Civil War drama is being penned by ane Wilbur. BOWLING KANSAS CITY Kllin Ut-llvtry tontliiui-d to pace the Fllmrow Men's BowlInK league with 42 trlumph.s and 22 la-Jics. flllz Theatre slipped Into .srcond place with 40 ai>d 24, while MOM. after un early sca.son .'iurgc to the top. wa.s tagged with the seventh spot In the standings. Sessions will reconvene on January 7. Teom Won Lott Team Won Lott Film D«ltv«rv 42 22 Commonwealth 30 34 Rtli Theatre 40 24 Michael'i 21 )6 Fo< Trolter% J9 25 MOM 27 17 Fo> All Stan Jl JJ Screenlond .1* 4S Brownsville, Pa., Rescinds 10 Per Cent Ticket Tax From Ea%tcrn Edition BROWNSVILLE. PA. — Council members rescinded this city's amu.sement tax last week after theatre owners threatened to their houses in February. Appearing before the Brownsville council were owners, projectionists and other business representatives. Officials of the Fayette Amu.sement Co., operator of the Brownsville theatres, said the theatre would have to be closed and employes laid off they were relieved of the 10 per cent amusement levy. They had staged an active campaign all year to have the tax removed. About two months ago Brownsville entered a suit to collect amusement taxes from the Payett* Amu.sement Co's Plaza, estimating that from April to the end of September the theatre owed the political subdivision $2,912.11. The exhibitors said that the two other local theatres had been closed for a number of months, mostly as a result of the local 10 per cent amusement tax and the federal tax of 20 per cent. Frisina Co. May Reopen Lyric at Gillespie, 111. GILLESPIE, ILL.—The Frisina Amusement Co. contemplated reopening its 750-seat Lyric here on Christmas day. The theatre has been dark since June 28. Don Griffin of Charleston, 111., a representative of the Frisina company, has been here making a community survey in anticipation of the reopening. RKO Dividends to $5.25 CHICAGO—The Balaban & Katz Corp. declared a $2 quarterly dividend, ending the year with a total of $5.25 in dividends as against $6 for 1951. General Manager David Wallerst«in said the company was giving $50,000 in bonuses to employes for Christmas. Diamond Film Planned rrom Western Edition HOLLYWOOD—"The King of Diamonds," to be filmed in Technicolor on location at the Kimberly diamond mines in South Africa, has been scheduled for 1953 production by the Dudley Pictures Corp. It is being scripted and will be produced by Carl Dudley. New Equipment for Granada INDEPENDENCE, MO.—Officials of Associated Theatres, Inc., announce the installation of new hi-intensity lamps and a new generator at the Granada Theatre here. The generator weighs 900 pounds. RESEARCH BUREAU for MODERN THEATRE PLANNERS ENROLLMENT FORM FOR FREE INFORMATION The MODERN THEATHE PLANNING INSTITUTE 825 Van Brum Blvd Kansas City 24, Mo. Gentlemen: 12-27-52 Please enroll us in your RESEARCH BUREAU to receive inlormation regularly, as released, on the following subjects for Theatre Planning: n Acoustics n Air Conditioning Architectural Serrice n "Black" Lighting G Building Matericd D Lighting Fixture! Plumbing Fixture* D Projecton Q Projection Lamps Seating Carpets D Coin Machines '-^ ^ a Complete Remodeling Sound Equipment n Decorating ^ Television D Drink Dispensers Zj Theatre Fronts „„.,,,. n Signs and Marquees Drive-In Equipment Q Vending Equipment D Other Subjects Theatre Seating Capacity Address City t. State : Signed ~.. Postage-paid reply cards for your further convenience in obtaining information are provided in The MODERN THEATRE Section, published with the first issue of each month. XOFFICE December 27, 1952 64-C