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. . , BUFFALO Ta^'k

. . , BUFFALO Ta^'k Beresin, chief barker of Variety Internalional, was the guest at a reception in the headquarters of Tent 7, with Dave Miller, present chief barker of the tent, acting as emcee. The local MGM staff held its Christmas party in the .same place that evening . Dr. Mauro Zambuto, world-famous authority on sound, is coming here for several days in advance of 'Anna." which opens January 8 at the Center. Zambuto will appear on several radio stations. A Hollywood type night-before-opening is being planned by Arthur Krolick. UPT general manager, to launch the Silvano Mangano starring vehicle. Menno Dykstra presented "The Miracle of Fatima" at his Glen Theatre. Williamsville, and smashed all attendance records . . . Ira E. Epstein, city manager for UPT in Rochester, used some eye-catching ads in the Kodak town sheets promoting the sale of gift books of theatre tickets as "the ideal Christmas gifts" . . . Joe Miller, for many years manager of the local Columbia office and now part owner of the Menands Drive-In, wa-s on Filmrow. His wife Sadie is recuperating from an eye operation in the Grouse Irving hospital in Syracuse. Lewis J. Lieser, head of the local Lieser Film Distributing Co.. was host at a big Yuletide party . . . Dave Miller and his U-I office force held a Christmas party recently . . . Charlie Mancuso, assistant booker at the Fix excliange, is back on the job following a shoulder operation. Russ Tripi, former shipper at National Screen, now is assistant shipper at the RKO branch . . . Ben Joel jr., MGM booker at the home office, was here for conferences with Vincent R. McFaul, general manager of the Loew-Shea circuit in Buffalo and Niagara Falls . . . Max Miller, UA, was in town working with Bill Brereton, Basil ad-pub chief, on "Kansas City Confidential," and with Eddie Meade at Shea's on "Outpost in Malaya." The FCC has authorized a second commercial TV station for Buffalo and a third, now under consideration, may be on the air within «3 a year. The Chautauqua Broadcasting Corp., a new Buffalo concern, has received authority to build a new UHF station on channel 17 . . Newspaperboys of the Buffalo Courier-Express were guests of General Manager Robert T. Murphy of the Century Theatre . . . Batavia Film Laboratories, a complete theatre and TV trailer service, is about to be estabhshed in Batavia, N. Y., by Harold Reid. Ted Snell and Barney Drees. Reid and Drees several years ago operated the Greyhound Film offices in Buffalo. Drees now is working at the Buffalo Evening News as an artist. Eddie Suess, MGM salesman, was chairman of the big benefit show staged in the Depew Theatre December 27 for Harold Hughes, now at Perrysburg, N. Y., hospital ... A man who allegedly took bank night at a Jamestown theatre four years ago too seriously and walked off with $600 in boxoffice receipts is in Chautauqua county jaU awaiting arraignment on a charge of first degree grand larceny. Criminal Deputy Merle Campaign returned from Alexandria. Va., with Richard D. Gillmer, 32. Arkport, former assistant manager of the Palace Theatre in Jamestown, for whom a bench warrant has been in existence since his secret indictment Dec. 6, 1948. The indictment came after Gillmer, on a night when the theatre was displaying a huge sign reading "free cash tonight," disappeared. The evening's ticket receipts also were missing. Shortly later he was arrested on another charge in Virginia and deputies said a detainer was lodged against the time when he should be released from detention there. . . Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kallet of the Kallet circuit, Oneida, were on their way to spend the winter in Miami Beach . The 153 Corp. of which BiU Dipson is the head, has reopened the Regent Theatre in Elmira, and Jack H. Boyd has closed the State in Caledona. "The most important matter before us, and it may go a long way in our struggle for survival, is the elimination of the federal admission tax," says a bulletin just sent to members of the MPTO of western New York. "Our tax problems are about to come up before Congress, it is imperative that each and every exhibitor contact his congressman and supply him with pertment information that will point up the absolute urgency of tax relief The information that will influence . . . your congressman can only come from you. Here are a few suggestions that may give you an idea as to what is needed so that the legislators may be guided accordingly: Profit and loss statements covering the last five years to show the trend of falling grosses and income and at the same time larger operating costs; how the tax exceeds profits the theatre may have made; schedules of equipment replacements and improvements which should be made if the house is to remain in operation; statements from realtors and other businessmen testifying to the depreciation of values in the neighborhood where theatres have had to close." Kepresentini: Variety Tent 7, Myron Gross visited the cerebral palsy clinic in the Children's hospital and distributed candy, cigarets and pa.>ises to downtown theatres, This was Myron's annual Yuletide trip to the cUnic and the gifts were given to employes of the institution ... It is understood that Robert T. Murphy, general manager of the Century has signed up for the showing of "Niagara' at that first run house. This picture wa; produced at Niagara Falls last slimmer, whetf; newspapers gave the filming a lot of pubUcitj and ai't. Buffalo marines at both the recruiting offices in the post office building and the reserve base are cooperating 100 per cent witt Manager Ed Miller of the Paramount in promoting "Stars and Stripes Forever." Eddie i is arranging a parade on opening night, with marines using A-board posters all over westem New York and the marines reserves posting special signs on station wagons, which are continuously moving along the highways in the vicinity. Those who arg:ue that Rochester is culturally "different" from her sister cities, may find support in the realm of music and art, but not in the list of screen boxoffice hits for 1952. Manager of Kodak town theatres, looking over their boxoffice scores for the year, report unanimously that Rochesterians went for the same films in general as did the patrons of many other cities. Theatre by theatre, here are the tops for '52 in Rochester: Cinema— "The River"; Little — "The Man in the White Suit"; Loew's— "QuoVadis"; Palace— "The — Miracle of Fatima," and Paramount "The Greatest Show on Earth." The list contains no clue as to what the public likes about pictures. One has a big name star and another one, just as successful, does not. "There is no formula," said Jay Golden, RKO Theatres district manager. "You just begin to think you know what's going to be a sure thing, and then the public fools you. '" sanaM Gross. Gforje a'j Buffalo \ iSewsworliei It's one of the things that makes the business so interesting." Lester PoUock, manager of Loew's, says there is nothing like color, music and adventure to stimulate the boxoffice. *i Clown," a a Meade of "Quo Vadis" had the color, "Ivanhoe" the adventm'e and "Singin' in the Rain" the ingsilie music. Maurice Slotmck, manager of the Zi mi piiWi Cinema, which ran "The River" for seven Mnena Ca' weeks, lists as second best of the year, from^Mi ami foi a business standpoint, "O. Henry's Pull' Kjityfonhe House," which ran four and a half weeks. E in Sister; Mrs. Ben Belinson, manager of the Little, !iB miim named "The Man in the White Suit," "Ivory Was she i Hunters," "Les Miserables" and retiurn showto Remember." The annual installation and dinner of Variety Tent 7 will be held Sunday evening dl) in the Statler. New officers to be installed are Dewey Michaels, chief bai'ker; BUly Keaton, first assistant chief barker; Marvin Jacobs, second assistant chief barker; Robert Hayman, doughguy, and W. E. Martin, property master. These new du-ectors also will be installed; Hai'ry L. Berkson, John G. Chinell, Albert F. Ryde. Elmer C. Winegar. Max Yellen and Arthm' Krolick. The committee arranging the affair hopes to have a prominent industry figure as speaker of the evening. Mannie A. Brown, manager of the UA offices in Buffalo and Albany, threw a tlireeway Christmas celebration the otlier day. The unique party started with hor d'oeuvres and cocktails in the UA exchange in the Film building, then moved to the La Marque restaurant and thence to the Sheraton, where the gang was feted by Moe Dudleson, UA district chief. Among the guests were Elmer P. Ij^ Lux, general manager, Elmai't Theatres and president of the Buffalo City council; Constantino and Gus Basil and Spencer Balser, BOXOFFICE :: December 27, 1952 Sir, n C and i -, yorl esUi sencytelevii llorBiifMo ^OTCtion pel gsieoBChan K. SWiiios" ui lalayette. aiiiicriasiii siicastinj CO i oD ctamel ; 10 officials,- ri», Itotati 4 of m Citation is e idJidClirisli rrprovidedlt ,3tffaloaii(i' iJlioiaylhf xiltiea;rtii ciistoin wa m ago aid 1 ;;m Hmdn ;i in the Bu my fnends ii *Dyistrao ^S to Detroit 'i»dMrs..\ii itaon'sdaiij nan^ter of «?« and nov soil snvi to. lyi, Ice *»l«tltinie. P'ltan "'karitahfc. "OFTICE :•

1 Basil . . Theatres; Clayton Eastman, Warner 'Bros.: Sam and Max VelU-n iind Robert T iMurpliy of the Century; Mr. imd Mrs. Carl iBell. Perkias Theatres Supply, Kube Cantur ol the Ciuitor Slotnlclc circuit, Syracuse; iMuury Cohen and M. P. Slotnlclc. Cinema; Marvin Gros.s. Cooperative Tlieatre-s; Arthur ivrolick and Charles B. Taylor, UPT; Mr. and Mrs. GeorRC Gammel, Gainmel Theatre.s; Robert Hayman, Haynian Theatre.s, Nlatiaru Palls; Mr. and Mrs. BehllnK. BehlInK Theatres; Margaret Crean, who has Just coin- 'pleted 25 years with UA lu Buffalo, and .Francis White, with UA for some 20 years. More competition Is coming for western iNew York exhibitors. A second ultrahigh frequency television station hius been authorllzed for Buffalo by the FCC. The Buffalo- - (Niagara Television Corp has been given a = : [construction permit to build a station to '•'ii operate on chamiel 59 with five kilowatts of '•' b; power. Studios and transmitter will be at the Ss] Hotel Lafayette. Last week the commission 13 tnnounced a similar grant to the Chautauqua lin Broadcasting Corp., also of Buffalo, to opcrisej ftte on channel 17. Buffalo-Niagara, accordlya Ing to officials, hopes to be on the air in the tiis spring. Tentative contracts already are in e hands of manufacturers. The cost of the & iw station is exriected to exceed $250,000. Added Christmas happiness and good cheer were provided to approximately 1.000 children n Buffalo and western New York at the anlual holiday theatre parties presented by the hi:. Jhea Theatres and the Buffalo Evening News, v, . n»e custom was established more than 20 ,rs ago and has continued without interliption. Hundreds of children from orphan- iges in the Buffalo vicinity were taken to ,, j. Jhea's Buffalo via bus to see Red Skelton in The Clown," and also get gifts of candy, die Meade of Shea's and Dave Peugeot of News worked out the arrangements. The nt brings the Buffalo a lot of goodwill and ome good publicity. A Snarly 80s . . . Phllomena Cavanaugh, veteran newspaperoman and for many years in charge of lUblicity for the old Shea Court Street Theais in Sisters hospital suffering from ine LjHuries sustained in a fall in her home. In Cavvy" as she is affectionately known by her I at lany friends in the industry is now in her Lou Rock, manager of the Avon, Schine Theatre in Watertown. N. Y., proloted some Plymouth Rocks from a local OUltry dealer to give away as a promotion tunt for MGM's "Plymouth Adventure." The alleoB tunt created a lot of comment and lot of lUblicity in the local newspapers. Sftt ' ' [enno sVeli naBC iBdii' mm ipifS Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Behling of the lehling circuit; Mr. and Mrs. George Gamlel. Gammel theatres, and Mr. and Mrs. Dykstra of the Glen in WiUiamsville are oing to E>etroit January 18 to be guests of tr. and Mrs. Mike Simon at the marriage of 16 Simon's daughter Muriel. Simon formerly ras manager of the Buffalo Paramount exhange and now holds a similar p)ositlon in tetroit. Christmas Variety Salute s Broadcast on ABC Net NEW YORK—A .salute lo Variety Clubs tkajiternational in honor of the 25th annlver- 0.109 0, U"y was broadcast over the ABC national network Christmas Eve at 8:30 p. m., eastern bandard time. pp The rne program carried information about il rBs^pc charitable work done by various tents. Notables Attend Opening Of 'Come Back' in N.Y. NEW V