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SUN , 7«l« THE WAYS TO EXPLOIT A SHORT ARE MANV Exhibitor Experience Shows That the Extra Effort Pays Off in Added Business by LOU GERARD A number of proven campaigns and a generous amount of product whose promotion values and avenues are also clearly indicated are present in the various shorts scheduled for the 1952-53 season. Included are two important 25th anniversaries—that of Mickey Mouse and Paramount News. Many Exploitation Opportunities Walt Disney's international animated character provides a real exploitation peg, for bringing back some of the old favorites, singly in support of some programs and in anv number as kiddies shows or Mickey Mouse festivals. That the name has sales magic is proved by the millions of dollars of merchandise sold annually under Mickey's label: this appeal can be bolstered by theartes via the usual campaign channels—ad slugs, theatre lobby and front displays, and special publicity plants with newspapers, radio and TV. RKO and the Disney office are already working on the anniversary campagin, one feature of which will be the putting together of several of the top shorts into a complete, short feature. Special advertising and publicity material, as well as accessories, will be available shortly through both offices, as well as National Screen. Based on the 25th anniversary theme, Mickey Mouse publicity material in support of playdates should find good reception in all local media. Magoo Festival in England That special programming of star shorts like the best of Mickey Mouse can be successful, is being proved currently by the Mr. Magoo series from United Productions of America, which releases through Columbia. The bellicose little fal man enjoyed SHO business recently at the (^ameo Theatre in London, England, when that theatre ran a Mr. Magoo week. The theatre ran five of the shorts as the fe:iture. got critical apjiiause as well as top grosses, and sold ihe show with the same kind of campaign it gives regular features—ads, window and other tieu|)s, and marquee, front and lobb\ display.s. A(la|)ling ibe idea here is M(-- Alisler Marshall of tiie l!niversily Theatre in Charlottesville, Va., who is running a Magoo Festival late this month. Karlicr this year, W. H. (;ingell of the lliser Theatre, Bethesda, Md., a suburb of Washington, D. C., billed another I PA sliorl, "Kooly Toot toot," over the "accompanying" feature, using the Life spread on the short as advertising bait in the Washington newspa])ers. The same kind of l.iliiil(pics, varied acording to ihealre thinking and hxalion. ^ FRIDAY \S/ DEC. -I Enn 15-CARTOONS-)5 AND NOVELHES CAmfmm M ^gCfiffmii Ut^ TECHNICOLOR \ - ^'^^ m ONI WANT 1410UI ( 5 0-*y LAW SHOW . . . «M M ^ ^.[.J fe ^~ ck>«cta ONI ratKRMANCI i ONIT . . . ir'mjj ff^K nilDAY. D€C. The cartoon festival is a familiar story with exhibitors by now, but it continues to pay ofM ond handsomely where proper exploitation is carried on. The Minnesota Amusement Co., ml strong holiday promotion program, is putting special emphasis on the cartoon program. Shoil here are some ads devised by Ev Seiber, advertising-publicity director, and slugs which manager can spot at the bottom of their regular ads. pecker; Bugs Bunny, Casper the Friendly Ghost and Terrytoons, all of which have created widespread public acceptance and following over a period of years. In most instances, licensed merchandise handled by local merchants can be utilized for added exploitation values. All have comic books, excellent as premiums for kiddy shows, and the merchants will take newspaper ads and distribute handbills in return for lobby or screen credits. Most ffm "MOVIE OF 11113 THE WEEK" ^^^ 32 Minutes of Funf MRmeoo CARTfiON FESTIVAL Return of thelexan ^^LE ROBERTSON-JOANNE DRU ^imm SAT . 6 MON APBIl 19 - .'0 - 21 3 DAYS! . WIKONSIN A«(NU( W. R. Gingcll of the Hiscr Theatre in Bethesda, Md., discovered that billing a short subject and a festival of a popular character above the feature film can attract real business. The "Rooty Toot Toot" short and a Mr. Magoo fcstivol properly exploited did unusually fine business will contribute various licensed articles J added giveaway pulling power, and w;l use their windows to tie in their merchaj dise with theatre and jilaydate credits. One cartoon is worthy — of especial note exploitation possibilities "Gerald McBoin Boing's Symphony"'—which can be adve tised and publicized on the basis of tl| original McBoing. using the "Acaden award winner returns'" kind of ad lines i calling attention to the worldwide e.xcellel notices it received. Another from UFA I "Madeline," based on the Ludwig Bemq mans' children's story, and tied into puJ lishers' Simon and Schuster Golden Boo edition of the classic. The publisher hi alerted his large field staff to work theatres on this subject. In many cases 1 will be facilitated by the fact that the! men are now and have been working al lively with theatres on selling such booif and records in lobbies. The so-called "offbeat" short has proven by 20th Century-Fox as a busine getter when a campaign is put behind as was done with "I Remember the GloH (art of Boticelli) during its two-week n| at the Boyd Theatre, Allentown, Pa. short is one of a series, in Technicolor, seven on immortal artists, produced bo here and abroad. The theatre really went to work at it. sponsored two special high school contests for students in the entire counti one for seventh to ninth graders and t| other for tenth to 12th graders. Prize wi iicr in the first group received a free tri to Philadelphia for two: second grouj) wit ner got a trip lo \\ asiiinglon. Twenty-fil nnniersup in each division were awards color reproductions of famous paintings. To insure circulation of the contest, tlj theatre handed out special student discou tickets al the theatre, all junior and seni| tfe'i |Sft .... |iiti,W. PROMOTION SECTId

^ess ilinies lo p on 19s piijui M w 'skortl*'' 'os as a I Is pui w fmiertln ili entoini. |1(0'«» fi Techri in jecono i" joiisp high -tchool;* uihI the main IiIm.iis. Ii );uI cxcrllrnt i()i)|HTatinn (roin the (iall-(!hr'' brochure eontaining coh>r reprints of some of the paint injjs shown in the series were handed out. Response by Students Students respon(h-d In lln- 1 ,impai;;ti. lipping the IJoyd's };ross (( (hiring! the two weeivs in whieh tile sliorl run. It was hilled, incidentally, as the "world prennere." which [jrohably gave it some impetus, although the contest and the en- Isuing civic and merchant cooperation acituallv huilt the Itoxoffice. When the subject of nc';as played llbi- Icago's I'alace, the theatre hit hard at bookstores and art shops, and good window and in-slore displays of books on the painter himself and reproductions of some of his works. Another highly exploitable series was kicked off on December 17 in San Bernardino, Calif., where Joseph C. Rodriguez and his bride were married. As the winner of a jCongrcssional Medal of Hoiu>r in Korea, jSergeant Kodriguez is one of four Ameri- (cans whose story is told in Vi . K. Frank's liMedal of Honor series of four half-hour Ifeaturcttcs on this same theme, chosen tmni rmong 800 winners of the Medal. Producer Frank took to the road personally to exploit the series, and because (of its nature was able to achieve not oidy Jocal but national publicity breaks. For le San Bernardino (Rodriguez's home iwn) premiere, newspapers, press associaions, radio, newsreel, TV, magazines, railoads air lines and the U.S. army were all n hand, which media should shuttle a ivealth of |iiil)licitv material nationally. This material in turn can be utilizctl at he local level. Released Through UA The series is being released through UA. Among Warner's releases are a number if subjects on which extra handling can iring returns. "'Thar She Blows," a whalig story, has already had national breaks such magazines as Life, Time and Argosy, a dozen others to break shortly. These an be put together for theatre display ma- ,erial that packs punch. "Cruise of the has marquee name power in Errol lynn, and "Sporting Courage'' will get ocal backing from veterans organizations )ecause of its subject matter, W Orld War I amputees who were former ski ihamps nd who are continuing to ski, on one leg. lis subject has inherent human interest ppeal. Exhibitors who have played, and paid me selling attention to the Disney True lie Adventure series (".Nature's Half ere," "Water Birds." etc. already know I rips to Famed .\rt Museums "J^ Top Pri/.t's for Ussays Ba.M>d J.#] On Film Stor\ of Botticelli ^- c'TwoF AUEnroiun p , IM U* {^ r