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' Leroy D A L L A n fire

' Leroy D A L L A n fire in the early morning hours of December 15 burned out the Texas Theatre in Haskell. It is owned and operated by Burnice Haley and Theatre Eiiterprises. Inc. A $20,000 loss was suffered ... A good floor show preceeded the presentation at the Variety Club Saturday night of the Cadillac and Ford motor cars. Duke Clark and Lynn Stoker were called upon to serve as judges. The Ford was presented to a Mr. Stober and the Cadillac went to the Direct Mattress Co. A midnight party was held at the Big O Drive-In for the personnel of three Phil Isley theatres here Sunday (21). More than 35 persons were present from the Big D, Crest and Granada theatres. Managers Joe Noble. T. N. Childress and R. B. Allport arranged the party and their wives prepared the refreshments. Bobby Bixler, exploiteer. Paramount, has received a personal invitation and plans to attend the Bing Crosby Golf tournament Januarj' 8-11 in Monterey. It will be held on the Cypress Point and Pebble Beach courses . . . Ezell & Associates will hold its annual convention at Guide's restaurant in Galveston January 5-7. It will be attended by all Ezell drive-in managers, partners and home office personnel. Sonny Martini, Martini Theatres, and John Browning, city manager, In- terstate, will be special guests. Stormy Meadows left just before Christmij for a two-week vacation in California MOM held its Christmas party at the Dallil Variety Club Friday evening 1 19 1 and haj guests in abundance. On that same parties were held by Republic and RowD United Theatres. The rest of the Christmi] parties were held on Wednesday afternoon. Russell Brown, president, and Ray Wild, ml tional president of the Colosseum of Pilil Salesmen, together with Jack Walkon an] Douglas Dusch made their annual Christmi I visit to C. J. Wheeler, former salesman ac| sales manager who is hospitalized. Bickel, MGM, extended "thanks t you good longhorn exhibitors" for puttin the Dallas branch in No. 1 place, 100 pt cent in sales, in the national sales standing. Bob Jones, who covers east Texas is i second place on features, and Roland Taj lor is No. 5 on junior features. lie Bel' m liurictBa!" Mlitiiy," Bei THIS IS NOT A DEATH NOTICE BUT A CHANCE TO BE RE-BORN Please Read SERVING INDEPENDENT SHOWMEN EXAS iHEATRIf jERVial COMPANY We hope all Texas Theatre Service Company Suite 210, 2013' 2 Young St., Dallas 1, Texas Phone PR-1557 you Exhibitors enjoyed a wonderful Xmas. A new year is approaching fast. New and greater problems are confronting the industry. ... as a whole. If we can be of service to you, don't hesitate to contact us. It will prove profitable to both of us to arrange an appointment. Why not consider coming in with the Biggest Buyers and Bookers in the Southwest? Hoping you and yours a most enjoyable and prosperous New Year. Sincerely, ED. V. GREEN & GANG Paul Hudgins, city manager for Interstat Theatres in Temple, was notified that h; painting, entitled "The Table," had bee selected among the 90 outstanding entries i the Texas Fine Arts exhibit held in Austi November 16 through December 7. These 9 selected will go on a seven-month tour c Texas. FORT WORTH TVJr W. Lewis, manager of the Cowtown Drive Kiody. f:blic op telatio to create rjoiophyandl •to industiy jonlyonethi 3^ World fl iidty about aid conduct i In, took great pride in explaining hia^gjjfmjjg methods of operation which enable his stat ^ are more to serve efficiently the large number o be' tliaii evi patrons who converge on this, one of th te of tlie I largest drive-ins in the southwest. He in troduced this writer to Mrs. Ward and Mrs Allen, cashiers: Henry Woods, projectionist and O. B. Carson, director of the cono sion stand. A flexible arrangement at ( boxoffices with usherettes called into serv* lie said, "I i the desire I 16 become biEiiess. To otlier wo B interests iitial elemen ktecaX ice prevents a bottleneck from developini Hie same tin during the opening hour. Betty Wood, Gaii atial lad Huffstedler and Jeanette Leonard, usher etts, were smartly tailored in cowboy out fits in keeping w-ith the western atmospher at the Cowtow-n. Nothing is spared in patient's care ot amuse SiS .iY^) ment industry's WILL ROGERS MEMORIAL HOS ^^ ^^,. Two Million Feet in Stock SPEAKER CABLE Without Priority 2 Conductor No. 17 AWG Solid Copper Flat Porolle Construction Rodent Resistant Non-water Absorbent Jacket tor Direct Eorth Burlol O.D. .35x.20-indi. Pacl

'' I embarrassed >ublic Relations Versus ?ublicity Expounded rom Eo*tcrn Eilition NEW YORK" Till- clUffii'iiff bilwfon piiblolty and public rtlittluns and huw both apply film business was dlscusM-d htrc rect-ntly by Maurice Bergmun, director of public relatione for Uiilversa 1-ItiU-rnHtloiml. before the A&s'n of Motion Picture Advertisers udvertlslnK Other .spoiikcrs were Arthur De Bra. director of the community service department o( the Motion Picture Ass'n. and Gordon White, director of the Maurice Bergman advertising code ad- Unlstratlon of the MPAA. 'Publicity," Bergman said, "either sensibly Inordinately, attempts to excite the public an Idea which will either sell something or 11 ^unebody. Public relations, on the other hand, atiinpts to create an Impression reflecting the Tew hUosophy and belief of the particular enterrlse or Individual. 'Our mdustry has the distinction of being he only one that gave away its merchandise uring World War II. There was very little ril ublicity about this, but there was a great If eal of public relations." Bergman said he thought this Industry lould conduct organized campaigns when it by agitators in or Bcomes the target of pressure groups, because lere are more pressure groups with "pet ieves" than ever before. One of the major public relations prob- 15, he said, "occurs when we try to reconle the desire to the glamorous with the efto be conventional and typical of Ameribusiness. In other words, in publicizing the thing Slat interests people in the movies we must, '"^ t the same time, try to neutralize thus with ta IE -^ tub' le actual facts that we are a solid, .subantial element of the business community.' Izteca Xmas Film Set SAN ANTONIO—Azteca Films Manager iwell Truex has announced that Azteca's hristmas release is "Historia de un Coram," with Charito Granados in the top role. Hope for Grandson Strong, But Girl Is 'Superior' Waskom, Tex.—Charlie and Velva Otts, operators of the Wakea Theatre here, mailed out announcements on the birth of their fourth granddaughter. The four Otts children are girls. There are no boys in their family. The notice stated that the Otts Theatre "for women only" presents "The First Grandson." Then a notice that ".-Vnother Granddaughter" was being substituted for the original announcement. The grandparents noted, however, that when they are forced to make changes, a superior product is shown. The baby is the daughter of Rose Otts Strong, daughter of the theatre operators. IIO.NOK.S lOK SOI .S.\— .\1 Liihtman. Ittt, .otli < intury-Kox dlrfit.r .i .li.lribution, shows the pUique dedicated to .lohn I'liilip Souvi as Ameriras Man h King by 20th-Kx and the marine corps at a dinner ,it the l.ambs ilub in New York. ( liflon Webb, center, who plays Sousa in 'Stars and Strip