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. . On MONTREAL TJnited

. . On MONTREAL TJnited Amusement Corp. soon will start building in St. Laurent a new cinema adjoining the Normandie, another UA house . . . Larry Sheehan, a young and promising artist, has been promoted from junior clerk . . . . . in the advertising to an artist in the art and advertising department of United Amusement Irving Herman, Toronto, publicity manager for United Artists, conferred with local Manager Sam Kunitsky . Jack Kroll. United Artists salesman, became father of a baby boy named Kenneth Robert. Kroll now heads a family of four boys and a girl. Exhibitors in town: C. Charbonneau, the Madelon. Cap de la Madeleine; Jean Beauchesne, the Genty. Gentilly; Leo Desparois, the Normandie, Ste. Marline, and Mrs. L. Cyr, the Salle Paroissiale, Cabano . . Sylvia . Nusicant is a new stenographer at Empire- Universal . sales trips were Jo Oupcher, manager of International Films, to Quebec City, Que.; Bertrand Frank of Empire-Universal, in the northern counties, and H. B. Miller of MOM, in Quebec City , . . Jim Pearson of 20th-Fox, who has just returned from Beauce county, reports business there "very good, indeed." Privately owned television stations in Canada can be established only in areas of no interest to CBC and must carry CBC programs, Minister of Revenue McCann told the House of Commons. McCann, who is the government spokesman on radio and television matters, said that at present no two stations would be licensed to serve the same area. This, it is commented, rules out private interests in all areas where they could e.xpect to gain most advertising revenue, as CBC has, or will have, stations in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax, Winnipeg and Vancouver. . . . The Beaubien Theatre in the north end was visited by burglars early the morning of December 9. Two marauders tied up the night watchman, Arthur Houle, but failed to open the safe. They left after ransacking the office, and Houle managed to free himself three hours afterwards, and notified the pohce The Children's Film Library committee of Canada, reporting on the increased output of family-type films, made the following announcement of special interest in Quebec province where juveniles •

I . Mabel k Add 30 Members MONTREAL—Membership of the CanadUn Picture Pioneers Quebec division reached 184 with the election of 30 new members Pioneers of Quebec t oi the r. Mel Johnston, head of tliemilow. and a pass to Her Majesty's, was won . D. McCulloch Is Named 4PTA of Ontario Head TORONTO—New directors of the Motion Icture Theatres Ass'n of Ontario have lected J. D. McCulloch, properietor of the roquois at Petrolia, a 359-seat house, as resident for 1953 in succession to Harry S. an executive of 20th Century Thea- The new vice-president is William Summer- Ule jr., assistant managing director of Bloom ! Pine Tlieatres, Toronto. E. G. Forsyth of •ush Gift Books TORONTO—Circuit and independent thetres all made a play for a share of shop- Ing for Christmas by using trailers, news- »pers, posters and badges to push the sale f gift books of admission tickets. In most VANCOUVER poklMrar plcturra of Ocrmun orlKln arc wild to be meeting with approval of HMtrrn Canada theulriKocrs and exhibitor* who formerly piuvsed up the Imports The Odcon Htustlngs here Ls playing them on midweek date.s at 75 centn top to better than average buslne.-M . . indications are that a half dozen new drivc-ln theatres will be opened early In 1953 In BrltLsh Columbia, and eight arc planned In the three prairie provinces ... An RKO »ald Clyde Gilmour of the Vancouver Sun Ls Canada's foremast screen critic Ollmour recently returned from a four-week trip to New York and eastern Canada. British ColumbU'g worst polio year In history Is drawinK to a close with a total of 572 cases and 34 deaths reported to date. The previous high polio year wa.s 1947 when there were 310 and 12 deaths at this time of the year . . . Phil l)n„,. coinmtn-.i m^h- Icr who was ho*plLalliU- r .- accident . Harris of tJi.- .Ht.-.w.l .sUff resigned to be married TJir Avon. formerly the SUte, and now a itock compaay hoase, U having tough going. It hai reduced prlce.i to try and build budncu . . , since the retirement of Harry Peanon. stage manager at the Orpheum, Sydney Summera U now the oldest stagehand In point of sarrlcc In Canada. He started In the show budncM In 1902. Buck Taylor. Strand Theatre stage manager, returned from a CallfomU holiday. ises. theatre employes made a quick doltoiqiie!':| ir by picking up commissions for sales. MIt ..- lisilfdeoiihL-s' ol the tt) itiona! Et BOWif* lerVicW .illTOlK iiidMi'': ictiw' .pplies for TV Tower Permit TORONTO— Representing Famous Players anadian Corp.. W. Z. Estey appeared before le board of control to make formal apphlUon for a permit to erect a 300-foot tower T a proposed Telemeter system of broadisting visual programs into the homes. He so sought a franchise for this city. Tomto is one of the two cities with TV ations of the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Id the civic board decided to take the appli- •tions from FPCC under advisement for a issible report in January. AND BEST WISHES FOR 1953 ASSOCIATED SCREEN NEWS MONTREAL LIMITED TORONTO NORRISH M M.l.l.C. PRESIDENT *_***NaClNG OIRtCtOR pXOFFICE December 20, 1952 105