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The Nev\^Year brings a vN^onderful surprise, a screenful of emotion in a funny, touchinc h brilliant motion picture, a truly great attraction, M-G-M's THE CLOWh alltl brt-tl riiis is owesti ysk( ince,ai onwl tttraorc young iobth: This pic combine ship for.

n THIS IS BOX-OFFICE! It happens only occasionally that a picture comes to the screen so rich in all the values of audience appeal, story, performance, humor, action, heart-throb, background that one may truthfully say: "Everything clicked!" This is the story of a comic, once a Ziegfeld star, who is lifted from the low estate to which he has fallen by the faith and love of his young son. Red Skelton contributes to the Screen Hall of Fame a masterful performance, a role that ranges from hilarious to heart-breaking, a characterization which takes him from the category of screen comedian to actor extraordinary. And as though inspired by this history-making delineation, a youngster named Tim Considine delivers in his first screen appearance a job that will zoom him to fame and stardom. This picture truly has everything. It is a great show to see and to hear. It combines heart appeal with uproarious fun; it is a triumph of showmanship for showmen who know and understand that THIS IS BOX-OFFICE! (A date to remember. Brotherhood Week'i Silver Anniversary Feb. 15-22, 1953)