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".../ urge employers to

".../ urge employers to install the Payroll Savings Plan... 99 M. B. FOISOM Treasurer, Eastman Kodak Company "Continued saving will play an important part in protecting us against a renewal of inflation. The person ivho saves contributes to the nation's stability and to his family's security. He can notv also obtain a higher return on his investment than he could in the past, because oj the improvements in Defense Bonds notv offered by the U. S. Treasury. I urge employers to install the Payroll Savings Plan wherever practicable, and employees to take advantage of such plan. By investing regularly in improved Defense Bonds, Americans serve their nation's interests as well as their otcn." If your company does not have the Payroll Savings Plan- Please tear out this page and send it to the "Big Boss." Urge that he read, carefully, Mr. Folsom's superb summary of the Payroll Savings Plan and its benefits for employers, employees and our country. The following figures should be particularly interesting to anyone not familiar with the wide adoption and the steady growth of the Payroll Savings Plan: • 45,000 companies offer their employees the Payroll Savings Plan. • since January 1, 1951, enrollment in The Plan has increased from 5,000,000 to 7,500,000. • in some companies, more than 9090 of the employees are systematic bond buyers— in literally thousands of other companies, employee participation runs 60%, 70%, 80%. • payroll savers are putting aside $150,000,000 per month in U.S. Defense Bonds. • the cash value of Series E Bonds held by individuals on December 31, 1951, amounted to .$34.8 billion- $4.8 billion more than the cash value of Series E Bonds outstanding in August, 1945. Phone, wire or write to Savings Bond Division, U.S. Treasury Department. \^'ashington Building. Yi'ashington, D.C. \our State Director will show vou how easy it is to install and maintain the Payroll Savings Plan. If you hove a Payroll Savings Plan, your State Director will show you how to build employee participation through a person-toperson convoss that puts on Application Blank in the hands of every employee. That's oil you have to do— your employees will do the rest. He( lor c The U. S. Government does not pay for this odvertising. The Treasury Department thanks, jor their patriotic donation, the Adverusing Council and BOXOFFICE 76.D BOXOFFICE :: December 27, 1958

I tig Campaigns Help pombal Xmas Slump MINNKAHt>LI.S Instead ol risii;iilHK Um'U what has been considered the Inevitable" show business In December, near death for e boxofflce, the Minnesota Amusement Co. k the bull by the horns and went allout nth a ThunksKlvlnK to Christmas drive, InoIvlnK extra heavy .selUnK efforts and the pottlnR of several outstandlnK attractions ven durliiK the two weeks before Christmas, sually considered "^' as far as atractlnK is concerned. As a result, the circuit has come throuKh the year's worst month from a theatre standolnt" In hlRhly creditable fashion, and this >ecembcr will finish with a substantial gain ver the correspondlns 1951 period, according Harry P. French. MAC president. "We decided to .see what actually could be one by giving attractions the utmost in exloltatlon. publicity and advertising, and it id off." says French. ''We found out that he pre-Chrlstmas boxofflce drouth, u.sually ggravated by bad weather, could be comafted effectively. The general feeling in show dries is 'we've got to take a loss in December, lut let's hope it will be less than the preedlng year." FYench points out. But the ;AC learned this isn't necessarily so, he says. E.speclally big cmpaigns were staged for My Pal Gus" and "Hiawatha." but there were any radio, TV and other lieups for other ilctures as well, with Ev Seibel. advertising nd publicity head, and his sidekick Don lexander performing yeoman services. "My al Gus" did sensational business two weeks efore Christma-s and the week before the ig holiday, regarded as the year's worst for he boxofflce. Hiawatha" also did well, all hings considered. The Tlianksgiving to Christmas boxofflce Irive henceforth will be an annual "must." vers French. "heatre Is Modernized OCONOMOWOC. WIS. — Tile 520-seat itrand Theatre here, recently purchased by Jnity Theatres of Milwaukee, is being modrnized. According to Manager Don May a lew screen, projector and sound are being nstalled and the entrance to the theatre hanged. A cryroom will be added. A candy hop. next door in the building, is to be made nto an office for the manager. During the rinter the theatre will be open weekends only. He Cuts Kiddy Prices And Gets More Noise! Coon Rapids, Iowa—Nate Thon of the Lyric Theatre here recently lowered prices for children at his theatre. It was his plan to give more children an opportunity to see a show. However. Thon now is wondering it the plan has backfired and he's seriously considered raising the prices of the tickets back to where they were. Here's why, Thon .says: The children just don't appreciate what he's done for them. "They make more noise, damage the seats, and, when they are not watched, run up and down the aisles disturbing the adult patrons." Esther Green of FEPCO at Omaha Is Queen in More Ways Than One OMAHA—Two years ago, while on a trip, Mrs. Walter M. «E.